Germinating wheat

     Introduction into the food ration of germinating wheat exerts the sanitating and rejuvenating influence on the organism, since there is a number of vitamins and different ferments in it, which stimulate the vital activity of organism, optimize metabolism, strengthen nervous system. 


     Germinating wheat is used for restoring of vital tone, for more rapid going out from the state of indisposition after previous disease, for strengthening of respiratory apparatus (especially lungs), for strengthening of teeth, for an improvement in the state of hair and restoration of their natural color. 


     Method of preparation of porridge from germinating wheat. 


     22-24 hours before the preparation of porridge or kissel the grain of wheat, at a rate of 50-100 g per person, is thoroughly washed in cold water.  In this case junk and weeds, as lighter constituents, float and are moved away together with water.  Water, with washed wheat, is left in such quantity that it would be at the level of an upper layer of grain, but it would not cover its top. 


     Vessel with the wheat is placed in warm place and they cover it with not very dense linen or paper napkin.  After mentioned time germinating grain of wheat (with the sprouts to 1 mm) several times are washed in cold water, and then they are passed through the meat grinder or are grinded with electrical mill, and immediately they are put into the vessel with just now boiled milk, and in its absence - with boiling water. Tentative proportion is 1:1 or other, subject to desired concentration.


     Sugar (better honey) is added into the porridge or kissel to the taste, and butter is added of 1 tea spoon per the portion of wheat (50-100 g). It is inadmissible to boil porridge.  It is necessary only to cool it to desired temperature in the vessel, covered by cap, and then immediately to use into the food. 


     Porridge can be infused only in enamelled, ceramic or glass saucepan. 


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