Russian diet

FIRST WEEK IN FIRST DAY, as well as the second, third, and so the whole week you eat only raw vegetables to cheeses and yogurts five per cent fat. Allowed one boiled egg a day. ANY count! ANY time of the day! The meaning of this progressive diet to eat as much vegetables and as much as you want dairy products(5% fat). Tea, coffee can be in any amount (of course without sugar) and water a mandatory two liters per day.
You become a little sad? So be it, personally from myself I allow you three more green apple. And you are free to eat vegetables in any form. Cucumbers, sprinkling their Bulgarian cheese (5%),  tomatoes and peppers with yogurt or you can create a huge portion of salad from all sorts of vegetables, cut there boiled egg and sprinkle all the cheese. You can calmly eat at morning, noon, evening, night -  all week.

And in the same way - second week. Surprisingly, the second week you stop to wish something other than vegetables, cheese and apples. Many even refuse to eat the boiled egg which  was greed eaten in the beginning of the diet. By the end of the second week you will feel extraordinary lightness throughout the body

Since the beginning of the third week you must  add slice (300 grams) of roasted meat, poultry or fish to the vegetables and cheese. Please, a little decrease amount of cheeses and yogurt. Vegetables, cheeses, meats, eggs and apples you eat three more weeks.

Three weeks after the diet, you will just melt in front of astonished colleagues and family.

The last two weeks is time of the most intense lost of weight.
I advise to all, even those who do not have excess weight, go through this  good diet every year,  with purpose to clean the body.

Simply follow these:
Raw vegetables. All kinds of cheeses and YOGHURTS 5% fat. One boiled egg. Three green apples. Coffee, tea, water. Keep in mind that IT ALL! In any amount and at any time of day.
All the same, plus a piece of meat, poultry or fish. Several reduce cheeses and yoghurts.

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This is not a diet but simply use products, which constitute the normal diet of the peoples of the Caucasus.
Indeed, the essence - and the result without diet for me is clear: using purified water (if you are not in the Caucasus) Tea, lump sugar and all kinds of sweets prikusku for drinking, a little meat and many bryndza and sour milk products you can have the result!

and how you can lose weight?