"The handful of  parsley is equal to the handful of gold" - this is truth, which does not require proofs, its healthful properties were used not without reason even in ancient times.  Parsley occupies one of the leading places in the content of mineral substances, especially such important for our organism as iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, ferments, including inulin, which regulates the exchange of glucose in the blood.  Its young leaves contain more than 300 mg of vitamin C (50 g of verdure - daily dose of this vitamin), carotene - about 20 mg, and also vitamins B1, B2, PP, K. Furthermore, there is folic acid in the leaves, necessary for our organism, which " answers " for the normal work of circulatory system. 


     Since earliest times the parsley was used in folk medicine for the healing of wounds, strengthening of gums, recreation.  In raw state it is used with appetite loss and disorder of digestion.  Parsley stimulates the release of digestive enzymes, it strengthens intestinal peristalsis, improves metabolism, it is useful with anemia.  The root of parsley is used as diuretic with dropsy, for regulating of liver and kidneys activity. 


     Parsley is rich in green pigment - the chlorophyll, which, as iron, is capable to influence on oxidation processes in the organism. The juice of parsley supports a normal functioning of adrenal glands and thyroid gland, strengthens vessels and capillaries, possesses a sugar-reducing action (which is especially important for the patients with diabetes mellitus), it is useful with the diseases of heart, in the mixture with carrot juice (at ratio 1:3) improves sight.  


     Pulp from ground verdure of parsley is applied to the places of bites of gnats, bees, abcesses.  This plant is remarkable natural drug for the refreshing of respiration.  You can boldly eat an onion or garlic, and then, after chewing the verdure of parsley, to get rid of unpleasant smell. 


     Broth or infusion from leaves and roots of parsley (1:20) is used during unhealthy menses, spasms, menstrual irregularities. You must drink it about 1/4 of glass 3 times a day before 30 minutes to food. For these purposes they use also the mixture of juices of parsley and beet (per 75 ml of each).  Juice is obtained from a green part of the plant, passing it through the meat grinder or juicer, preliminarily having finely cut it.  A single intake of juice must not exceed 1 table spoon ? otherwise, it is possible an overexcitation of nervous system. 


     Parsley together with its root must be washed out well, verdure must be finely cut, and root must be grated. Mix all these ingredients. Fill up one glass of parsley with two glasses of boiling water and let it brew. You must drink the infusion during 10 days, then it is necessary to make two-day interruption and to drink still 10 days.  This infusion is used for general removal of salts from organism, and also to clean vessels, joints and liver.


     As diuretic parsley is used in the following way:  to fill up 1-2 table spoon of ground grass with 0,5 l of boiling water and to draw them to the cooling. One should use 4 times a day about ¾ of  glass before 15-20 minutes to food.


     As strong diuretic and antipyretic, rural sorcerers used infusion on the milk.  For this the thoroughly washed out parsley (800 g) it is necessary to cut, to put into the saucepan and to fill up with milk so that it would cover entire grass; to place in the cool oven and to give to milk to be clarified, but not to boil away, then to strain mixture.  To intake 1-2 table spoon each hour.  Patient must drink entire drug in one day. 


     Parsley is used very widely, also, in cosmetology, it enters into the composition of many makeup preparations, but to prepare simple means for the maintenance of the skin is possible also at home.


      For purification of the skin of face of any type.  Finely cut the verdure of parsley, fill up with water, bring to the boiling and strain.  Put pulp on the gauze and apply to face for 30 minutes.  Then wipe it  with dry wadded tampon and apply nourishing cream.


     For the bleaching of skin.  Mix 2 table spoon of the ground verdure of parsley with the same quantity of honey and lemon juice.  Apply to face for 15 minutes. 


     With acne, lubricate problematic places by the juice of parsley two or three times a day. 


     Furthermore, the healthful properties of parsley will help us to manage the problem of edematous eyelids: make a mask from the roots of parsley.  For this pass the roots of parsley through the meat grinder and apply mask to the skin around the eyes for 20 minutes, and then wash off by warm water.


     Parsley, exactly as onion and garlic, improves lipid (i.e. fatty) exchange  and  contains 36 calories in 100 g, which is important for the representatives of excellent half of humanity. 


     Many people consider that since in the grasses the medicinal substances are located in natural form, they cannot do harm to organism. This opinion is erroneous:  during the use of phyto-preparations it is also necessary to observe dosage and to take into account contraindications, which also occur in plants.


     Understanding the fact that the application of grasses - only one of the components of treatment, is very important. It is necessary that it would fortify itself by healthy life-style:  by medicinal nourishment, by physical activity, by hardening, by normal regimen, by rejecting pernicious habits. 



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