Soup diet

10 days will give you what you will see later in the mirror

The first and second day:

breakfast: oat soup: 100 g oat cereals by 2 liters of water, 1 tsp mixture of spices. Soup should be eaten warm.
lunch: potatoes in uniform with 1 tbs sunflower oil, or any vegetable salad. Vegetable soup - potato, carrot, parsley, dill, onion, seasoning - a mixture of 1 tsp. A piece of rye bread.
Dinner:   boiled skinned potatoes ,  stewed vegetables. In between meals - eat an apple.

Third day:

breakfast: oat soup
Lunch: vegetable soup
evening: enema

In the fourth day of 5-day diet:

Morning: enema, and then drink some tea or water. Eat 1-2 portions oatmeal and soup of oats thin broth 100 g. Before lunch, drink water with half slice of lemon;
Lunch: 1 cup of any juice, dilute with water by half. 1-2 portions of vegetable soup. After - daytime sleep;
Dinner: 1-2 portions of vegetable soup, herb tea, mineral water without gas.

Exiting the diet 2 days.

First day:

breakfast: oatmeal puree soup;
Lunch: 1 sour apple (good chew);
Dinner: Thick vegetable soup.

Second day:

Breakfast: cook 50 g wet cleaned oats, cook 5 minutes in 150 ml of water, add half the apples, sunflower oil - 1 tbs, 1 banana chop, pour a glass of warm water. All mix and add honey and cinnamon;
Lunch: Thick vegetable soup, stewed with vegetables cooked with the skin potatoes and Butter. You can add a piece of bread with Butter;
dinner: the same as for lunch - and diet done.

With low caloric value, providing all the components of an organism soup necessary number of minerals. After 2 months, all repeat. You lose weight easily. When the stomach is reduced diet, is no longer requires a lot of food.

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