Red caviar

     Red caviar  - real queen among the delicatessens.  Its presence on the table easily and unconstrainedly is associated with holiday and luxury.


     Red caviar of sturgeon and salmon fishes is exceptionally nourishing and useful product.  Let us take the brightest "caviar example":  this delicatessen almost to third consists of protein, which very easily is digested and contains a large quantity of polyunsaturated fatty acids.  As numerous studies showed, these acids improve the activity of brain and are useful for eyes.  They increase immunity and possess strong antiallergic properties. 


     The probability of appearance of cardiovascular diseases substantially is reduced with the regular use of red caviar, since because of an improvement in blood circulation the risk of formation of thrombus decreases.  A harmful cholesterol, which is contained in the caviar, practically is rendered harmless by useful lecithin, which not only reduces a quantity of cholesterol in the blood, but it stimulates immune system and slows down aging processes. 


     Since olden times caviar is considered the product, which supports vitality in organism, and it is prescribed as natural medicine when it is necessary to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.  It contains such valuable trace elements as phosphorus, iron, folic acid and potassium. 


     World-known producers of series cosmetic actively use red caviar for the production of every possible creams and masks.  But if you prefer the "domestic" version of care of yourselves, then you can prepare masks for the care of  the skin from preserved caviar.


     Take 1 tea spoon of red caviar and 1 tea spoon of olive oil.  Thoroughly mix it with oil, and then apply mixture to face and cover it with cellophane mask with the slots for eyes, nose and mouth.  Since the procedure lasts 20 minutes, we advise to put beforehand steamed in the boiled water small packets with tea on the eyes ? so you can ?encourage? the skin around eyes. It is best to wash off caviar mask by cottonwool tampon, moistened in the warm water. 


     As is known, the skin around eyes needs special care. In this case valuable properties of red caviar can be used entirely, after preparing the special balsam, which contributes to regeneration of cells and smooths out wrinkles.

     Take 1 tea spoon of red caviar, 8 drops of rose oil, 5 drops of oil of grape bones and small empty cream jar.  Thoroughly grind caviar with oils and shift this mixture into the jar - so it more conveniently to store in refrigerator. Prepared portion of balsam will be sufficient for 5-7 days.   It should be applied for 5-10 minutes, and to remove - by tampon, moistened in usual milk. 



     "Protein cocktail", which hides itself inside each grain of red caviar, according to the scientists, sharply activates production of special protein by layers of skin - the most valuable collagen. Flexibility, smoothness and elasticity of our skin depends on its balanced presence. Being by its nature the part of walls and structure of cells, collagen also performs the function of guard  - it answers for the strength of skin. Unfortunately, its quantity decreases with the age, and the skin gradually begins to be covered with wrinkles. Placental makeup preparations on the basis of red caviar help to solve this age problem. 





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