Olive oil

     It is best useful properties they are manifested in oil of the so-called first cold squeezing ? the largest quantity of useful substances and vitamins remains just in it. But if you prefer to dress salads with this oil, use ancient Italian recipe and cook laurel olive oil.  Cut into small pieces 5-6 laurel leaves and grind 1 clove of garlic.  Pour into the bottle with the airtight cover 1 glass of unrefined olive oil, add laurel leaves and garlic, and also several peas of black pepper and 2 berries of juniper.  Shake up, put the lid on and infuse for 5 days.  Then filter finished oil through the flaxen cloth, pour into another bottle and cork up.  Such an oil it is best to use for seasoning of meat salads. 


     About the fact that the olive oil possesses truly precious medicinal qualities, it was known for 500 years before Christ. Only because of the rapid development of chemistry in XX century people  learned, why exactly olive oil is so useful for the health. It was explained that it contains a lot of vitamin E, which helps the body to absorb better vitamins A , K. Thanks to this natural "chain reaction " the regular use of this product contributes to the general rejuvenation of organism. Olive oil is also popular because the fruits and stones of olive tree contain such type of fatty unsaturated acids, which significantly reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, without influencing in this case on the content of its useful variety.  Therefore, olive oil is well tolerated even by people who suffer from digestion  disturbances,  liver condition  and diseases of gallbladder.


     Olive oil especially good for children, as it stimulates an increase of skeletal system. Moreover, the scientists established that the fatty acids of  olive oil of superior quality are very similar to the fats, contained in breast milk. Scientists exploring the impact of dietary dishes Mediterranean cuisine on the body, made sensational discovery.  The "hero" of  scientific agiotage proved to be the oleic acid, which forms part of olive oil.  As it was explained, it actively and successfully helps women in struggle against one of the most aggressive forms of breast  cancer.


     The diet is not difficult: vegetable salads, greens, sea fish, low-fat cheese, fruits, nuts, a little of dry red wine...  And olive oil as salad seasoning and sauces.  The oil is so safe product that you will nowhere find strict standards and rigid directions  for the achievement of  "health-improving" effect.  It seems, organism itself knows measure.  Therefore the table spoon of " liquid gold " can be boldly intaken on an empty stomach to improve the well-being - it is better natural agent in the fight against  stomach ulcer;  as well as to use it as seasoning for salads, soups and second dishes.


     Olive oil is so universal that from the point of view of cosmetology is suitable practically for any type of the skin.


     If  you should soften and refresh the skin of face, at first you will clean it by oil gel, which is used by Indian women, experienced in the cosmetic matters.  It does not contain chemical substances and therefore sediments. Sediment can easily be removed, if we a little shake the gel before the application. 


     Take 5 table spoons of olive oil and mix it in china or earthenware with 4 table spoons of fresh juice of aloe. Then add 1 tea spoon of lemon oil, the same quantity of mint, tea, and also almond oil.  Add 1 tea spoon of glycerin, 10 drops of rose oil for aroma and thoroughly mix.  Pour out mixture into the bottle from the dark glass and store it in refrigerator.  Use it daily instead of the customary washings - moisten cottonwool tampon by gel and wipe your face.  


     If you you want to strengthen cosmetic effect, then after this tender cleaning apply to face the following mask:  take the pulp of one banana and the pulp of one peeling fresh cucumber, prepare homogeneous mixture of them and add 2 table spoons of olive oil.  Hold it about 30 minutes, and then wash off by cool water.


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