About macaroni

     Do you think that people gain weight, eating up macaroni? 

Think more and recall fascinating Sophie Loren. 

Macaroni is the most favourite dish of actress!    

     The thing is that in Italy people eat macaroni, cooked from dough, kneaded with meal from hard wheat, moreover not as garnish to cutlet or pork chop, but as independent dish. Precisely thanks to spaghetti and to paste the inhabitants of this country are always such merry and happy.

     Nutritionists advise all to follow their example and to eat macaroni foods several times a week.  Because of the high content of carbohydrates, cellulose and vitamin B1, they decrease the risk of appearance of cardiovascular diseases, remove stress, answer for our good mood and even help to lose weight.  

     Practically there are no fats in macaroni (approximately 0,9-1,5%) and content of proteins almost is two times less than in meat.  This is light and nourishing product. people gain weight not from  macaroni, but from different caloric sauces to them. So take them better with  vegetables, spices and seafood.  

     Do you want to be calm as sphinx, before the important meeting? Eat the plate of macaroni per hour to it. Outstanding calming means.  Not only Italian, but also American physicians so assert. You must only correctly select type. 

     Genuine macaroni are prepared from wholly-milled grain of hard wheat, about which producers must surely report on the label.  In English this term - durum, in Italian - semola and grano duru.  Such macaroni are smooth and flat, identical by shape and size, amber-yellow with small black specks. In order that they would come out especially tasty, cook them in large quantity of water (1 l to every 100 g of dry products), drop them only into the boiling water and cook on the small fire, without capping. 





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