The enumeration of useful elements of celery resembles label on the jar with vitamins.  There are vitamins of group B (thiamine, riboflavin, choline), K, E, provitamin A and ascorbic acid in it. Furthermore, 100 g of purified, ready for the use celery tuber contain 320 mg of potassium, 9 mg of magnesium, 68 mg of calcium, 0,15 mg of manganese, 0,53 mg of iron, 0,31 mg of zinc, 80 mg of phosphorus and sodium.  And this is not complete enumeration! The list of " celery usefulnesses " is impressive.     


     So, celery is recommended for the removal of uric acid from organism, during the states of internal uneasiness and exhaustion.  In folk medicine celery since olden times is used with rheumatism, the diseases of kidneys and as the drug, which impedes the formation of stones.  It is useful to people with reduced secretory activity of stomach, hives and gout.  The essential oil, which is contained in the plant, contributes to digestion.  Therefore its root not only is tasty, but also excites appetite!  It is healthful even during the external use, for example with inflammatory processes or injuries as softening drug and pain-killer. 


     However celery is contra-indicated to nursing mothers and to pregnant women, and also during the ulcer of stomach and duodenum.    


     A fine aroma of celery and the abundance of useful for the organism substances containing in it ensured worthy place to it in kitchen. Celery gives pleasant taste and smell to food and also  vitaminizes it.  


     100 g of celery contain only 25 kcal.



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