Calorie Table

Calorie TableOur Calorie Table will allow you to specify calories, and also calculate the total calories, to see the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
You need to specify the appropriate weight of each product used.
Table calorie is quite large and you do not get stuck in selected products when you click on the button "Show selected".
To simplify the selection process, use the search box on the name - just type a few letters by name and the appropriate products will appear in the list.
Total for calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates are highlighted in red at the bottom of the Calorie Table.
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NameWeightProteinFatCarbo hydrateEnergy
Alcoholic DrinksWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Apple Wine g.
Beer g.
Brandy g.
Egg Liqueur / Advocaat g.
Malt Beer g.
Non-alcoholic Beer g.
Red Wine g.
Sparkling Wine g.
Spirits 38% g.
Vermouth g.
Wheat Beer g.
Whisky g.
White Wine g.
Bread and Baked GoodsWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Almond macaroon g.
Bread Roll g.
Breadcrumbs g.
Creamed Cake g.
Crisp Bread g.
Fruit Cake g.
Layer Cake g.
Mixed Grain Bread (Rye / Wheat) g.
Pretzel Sticks g.
Puff Pastry Baked Goods g.
Pumpernickel g.
Rye Bread g.
Rye Wholemeal Bread g.
Shortbread g.
Sponge Finger g.
Waffle Mix g.
Wheat Bread g.
Wheat Mixed Grain Bread g.
Wheat Whole Meal Bread g.
Yeast Risen Pastry g.
Zwieback g.
CheeseWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Camembert, 30% FDM g.
Camembert, 45% FDM g.
Chester, 50% FDM g.
Cream cheese (light), 50% FDM g.
Cream Cheese (regular), 60% FDM g.
Cream Curd Cheese, 40% FDM g.
Curd Cheese, 20% FDM. g.
Curd Cheese, fat free g.
Edam Cheese, 30% FDM. g.
Edam Cheese, 45% FDM. g.
Emmentaler Cheese, 45% FDM. g.
Gouda Cheese, 45% FDM. g.
Harzer Cheese, g.
Parmesan g.
Processed Cheese 20% FDM. g.
Processed Cheese, 45% FDM g.
Soft Cheese, 20% FDM g.
Tilsiter, 45% FDM g.
Christmas Weight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Aachener Printen (richly spiced ginger biscuits) g.
Diabetic Stollen g.
Domino Dices g.
Dresdner Stollen, Stollen g.
Gingerbread g.
Marzipan Stollen g.
Poppy Seed Stollen g.
Confectionary, Sugar Weight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Bar, coco g.
Bar, Nougat g.
Chewing Gum (Piece) g.
Cocoa Powder, slightly deoiled g.
Coconut Flakes g.
Fruit Sweets g.
Gummi Bears g.
Honey g.
Ice-Cream g.
Jam g.
Liquorice g.
Marzipan g.
Milk Caramel g.
Nougat g.
Nut-Nougat-Cr?me g.
Popcorn, sweet g.
Pralines g.
Salmiak pastilles g.
Semisweet chocolate g.
Small Chocolate-Covered Cream Cake g.
Sugar g.
Sweet, unfilled g.
Whole Milk Chocolate g.
Cooking Fats and OilsWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Butter g.
Coconut Oil g.
Corn Oil g.
Lard g.
Low Fat Margarine g.
Margarine g.
Mayonnaise (80% Fat) g.
Olive Oil g.
Safflower Oil g.
Salad Cream g.
Salad Dressing g.
Salad Mayonnaise g.
Soya Oil g.
Suet (raw beef fat) g.
Sunflower Oil g.
Dairy ProductsWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Attested Milk 3.8% g.
Buttermilk g.
Chocolate drink g.
Condensed milk, 10% Fat g.
Condensed Milk, 7.5% Fat g.
Creme fraiche, 40% Fat g.
Kefir g.
Milk, low-fat 1.5% g.
Milk, skimmed milk 0.3 % g.
Sour cream g.
Sour cream, 24% Fat g.
Unskimmed Milk, 3.5 % g.
Whipping cream, 30% Fat g.
Yoghurt with fruit g.
Yoghurt, made with unskimmed milk g.
Yoghurt, skimmed milk g.
Yoghurt, with partly skimmed milk g.
EggsWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Dry Eggs g.
Egg g.
Egg (Class: M) g.
Egg white g.
Egg Yolk g.
Fast Food RestaurantWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Cheeseburger g.
Fish-Burger g.
French Fries g.
Hamburger g.
Milkshake g.
Sundae g.
Fish and SeafoodWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Calamari g.
Carp g.
Codfish g.
Eel g.
Flounder g.
Haddock g.
Halibut g.
Herring g.
Mackerel g.
Pike g.
Plaice g.
Pollock g.
Red Fish Filet g.
Salmon g.
Sole g.
Trout g.
Tuna g.
Turbot g.
Fruit Calorie TableWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Acerola (Barbados Cherry) g.
Apple g.
Apple mousse g.
Apple, dried g.
Apricot g.
Apricot, dried g.
Banana g.
Black Currants g.
Blackberry g.
Blueberry g.
Cherry, sweet g.
Clementine g.
Cranberries g.
Dates, dried g.
Elderberry g.
Figs, dried g.
Gooseberry g.
Grapefruit g.
Grapes g.
Honey Melon g.
Kaki g.
Kiwi g.
Lemon g.
Mango g.
Mirabelle (yellow plum) g.
Nectarine g.
Olive, marinated g.
Orange g.
Papaya g.
Passion Fruit g.
Peach g.
Pear g.
Pineapple g.
Plums, damsons g.
Plums, damsons, dried g.
Pomegranate g.
Raisins g.
Raspberry g.
Red Currants g.
Satsuma g.
Strawberries g.
Tangerine g.
Watermelon g.
LegumesWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Chick Peas (dry) g.
Lentils (dry) g.
Lima Bean (dry) g.
Peas (dry) g.
Soya Beans (dry) g.
Soybean Sprouts g.
Tofu g.
White Beans, (dry) g.
MeatWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Beef (steak), lean g.
Beef (steak), medium fat g.
Beef Fillet g.
Beef Heart g.
Beef liver g.
Beef, fat g.
Beef, very lean g.
Belly of Pork g.
Calf’s Kidney g.
Calf’s Liver g.
Ground Beef g.
Hare g.
Lamb g.
Loin of Venison g.
Mutton g.
Mutton, lean g.
Ox Tongue g.
Pork Chop g.
Pork Cutlet g.
Pork Fillet g.
Pork Liver g.
Pork Neck Chop g.
Pork, fat g.
Pork, knuckle (Jambonneau) g.
Pork, lean g.
Pork, medium fat g.
Pork, very lean g.
Rabbit g.
Rump steak g.
Veal g.
Venison g.
Non-alcoholic DrinksWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Apple Juice g.
Black Currant Nectar g.
Blackberry Juice g.
Carrot Juice g.
Cola-Drinks g.
Elderberry Juice g.
Fruit Juices g.
Grape Juice g.
Grapefruit Juice g.
Lemon Juice g.
Lemonade g.
Orange Juice g.
Passion Fruit Juice g.
Pineapple Juice g.
Red Currant Nectar g.
Sea Buckthorn Juice g.
Sour Cherry Juice g.
Tomato Juice g.
Vegetable Juice g.
NutsWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Almonds g.
Brazil Nuts g.
Cashew-Nuts g.
Chestnut g.
Coconuts g.
Hazel Nuts g.
Peanuts, roasted g.
Pistachio g.
Sesame Seeds g.
Sunflower Seeds g.
Walnuts g.
PotatoesWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Bread Dumpling g.
French Fries g.
Mashed Potatoes g.
Potato Dumpling, g.
Potato Pancake g.
Potato Salad with oil g.
Potatoes Crisps g.
Potatoes, with peel g.
Potatoes, without peel g.
Roast Potatoes g.
PoultryWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Chicken Breast g.
Chicken Drumsticks g.
Duck g.
Goose g.
Roast Chicken g.
Soup Hen g.
Turkey g.
Sausages and other Meat ProductsWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Bacon, fat g.
Bacon, streaky g.
Black Pudding g.
Cooked Ham g.
Corned Beef g.
Frankfurter Sausages g.
Frying Sausage g.
Gelbwurst g.
Ham Sausage g.
Jagdwurst g.
Leberkase g.
Liver wurst g.
Liver wurst, lean g.
Mettwurst g.
Mortadella g.
Pork Sausage g.
Poultry Sausage g.
Salami g.
Saveloy g.
Smoked Ham g.
Smoked Pork Ribs g.
Sulzwurst (Brawn Sausage) g.
Wiener Bangers g.
SeafoodWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Bismarck Herring g.
Eel, smoked g.
Fish Fingers g.
Fried Herring g.
Herrings fillet in a Tomato Sauce g.
Kipper, smoked g.
Mackerel, smoked g.
Prawns g.
Sardines g.
Shell Prawns (Canned) g.
Smoked Dog Fish g.
Tuna in Oil g.
White Herring g.
VegetablesWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Artichokes g.
Asparagus g.
Avocados g.
Bamboo Sprouts g.
Beans, green g.
Beetroot g.
Black Salsifies g.
Blanched Celery g.
Broad Beans g.
Broccoli g.
Brussels Sprouts g.
Cabbage g.
Carrots g.
Carrots, sterilised g.
Cauliflower g.
Celery g.
Champignons g.
Chanterelles (mushrooms) g.
Chicory g.
Chinese Cabbage g.
Chives g.
Cucumber g.
Curly Kale g.
Daikon g.
Egg Plants g.
Endives g.
Fennel g.
Garlic g.
Horseradish g.
Kohlrabi g.
Lamb’s lettuce g.
Leek g.
Lettuce g.
Maize g.
Mixed Pickles g.
Onions g.
Onions, dried g.
Paprika, steamed g.
Parsley g.
Peas g.
Pickled Gherkin g.
Pumpkin g.
Radish g.
Red Cabbage g.
Rhubarb g.
Sauerkraut g.
Savoy Cabbage g.
Spinach g.
Spinach Beet g.
Swede, Rutabaga g.
Sweet Peppers g.
Tomato g.
Tomato Ketchup g.
Tomato Pur?e g.
Yellow Boletus g.
Yellow Boletus, dried g.
Zucchini g.
Wheat ProductsWeight: 0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal.
Amaranth (Pig weeds) g.
Barley g.
Buck Wheat g.
Corn g.
Cornflakes g.
Cornstarch g.
Linseeds g.
Millet g.
Muesli, dry g.
Oats g.
Pasta g.
Porridge Oats g.
Reis, polished g.
Rice, parboiled g.
Rice, wholemeal g.
Rye g.
Rye Flour, Type 1150 g.
Sorghum g.
Unripe Spelt Grain g.
Wheat g.
Wheat Bran g.
Wheat Flour, Type 1050 g.
Wheat Flour, Type 405 g.
Wheat Flour, Type 550 g.
Wheat Germ g.
Wheat Semolina g.
Whole Barley g.
Wholemeal Pasta g.
Total0 g.0 g.0 g.0 g.0 kcal