For the beginning prepare the portion of this truly royal beverage.  Put a yolk of raw egg, 1 table spoon of honey into the heated coffee cup and thoroughly mix.  Continuing to stir slowly, pour 4 table spoons of cream, and then - freshly-made coffee.  We advise to drink it by small gulps in order to take pleasure in a somewhat uncommon and tender taste.   


     Qualities of coffee are explained by the fact that nature combined the most varied substances in this unique beverage.  The newest methods of chemical analysis testify about the presence in coffee of some hundred components.  This combination creates that that we with you perceive - taste and aroma of beverage.  They depend, of course, not only on sort and type of coffee, but also on procedure of roasting and technology of preparation - therefore there is an enormous quantity of versions and possibilities!


     Coffee contains eight vitamins of group B. They regulate the flow of many biochemical processes in the organism and by this they prevent the appearance of a number of severe illnesses. 


     The organic acids, which are the component part of  coffee beans, are of great value. They cause an intensive gastric secretion and by this they contribute to a good digestion. Also there are many vitamins PP in coffee, necessary for strengthening of vascular walls, there is potassium, phosphorus, iron and, certainly, caffeine.  It is known that caffeine accelerates respiration and metabolism, it acts on blood circulation and regulates blood pressure. Tannin and antioxidants, which form part of coffee, are useful for the heart and arteries. 


     Many people know that the cup of strong coffee can you free from sudden headache, but one of the most sensational scientific discoveries, concerning this beverage, is such:  if you drink it regularly it can prevent cirrhosis and formation of stones in the gallbladder. Coffee is used, also, for the healing of wounds, covering them after disinfection with powder from the small particles of pulverized roasted grains.  Furthermore, it, of course, stimulates, therefore true coffee lovers so love it.  However, we hurry to remind coffee fans that excessive " emboldening " by beverage introduces unbalance into metabolism.  This is fraught with increased excitability, irritability, insomnia, intensified palpitation and even heart arrhythmia.  So that consider:  1 tea spoon of ground coffee contains the single " therapeutic " dose of caffeine within the limits from 0,07 to 0,1 g; therefore daily rate must not exceed 2-4 cups.  In this case one should remember that instant coffee contains more caffeine, than natural ground. 


     You can dry slightly the sediment remaining on the bottom of cup and use it as ingredient for cosmetic mask. 

It is possible to prepare it as follows:  thoroughly mix coffee sediment with a small quantity of kefir or sour cream before the formation of thick pulp.  By the concentrating motions apply the received mass to the face, the region of decollete and shoulders, leave for 2 minutes, and then wash off by water and perceive, what soft and tender your skin became.  For problem zones we advise to use only coffee sediment:  intensively, but carefully rub it into the skin of buttocks and thighs.  This will help to strengthen blood supply and to burn excess fats. 


     More complex version - wrapping on the basis of raw coffee beans.  Mix 2 table spoons of green coffee mass (fresh grinding!)  with 2 table spoons of warm milk and apply to the body.  Then be covered into the sheet and stay for 15 - 20 minutes, and then wash off by warm water.  Such   procedure promotes splitting of fats, it contributes to the removal of toxins and equalizes the surface of the skin, considerably decreasing the effect of orange crust.  Since essential oils,   those containing in the coffee, strongly stimulate, it is not necessary to carry out this wrapping before bedtime.


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