Exotic nuts

     They are sold in the accurate packings and without them, in the sugar and in the salt, in chocolate, yoghurt glaze and also, raw or slightly fried. We buy them in order to satisfy faster the suddenly stealing up hunger, and moreover we take not only an unspeakable pleasure in the taste, but also the portion of health.  Indeed, people, who eat 150 g of any nuts each week, three times more rarely become the victims of heart diseases, including infarction.  The same portion supplies the body with daily standard of protein.  Nuts ? a real well of vitamins and trace elements; they contain the substances, which remove  slags from the body.  At iron content they exceed not only fruits and vegetables, but even meat.  All these nut?s merits inevitably will have an effect on the appearance of their worshippers, having improved the state of the skin and hair, and having also raised capacity for work, mood and cerebral activity. Each nut possesses  exceptional gustatory and healthful properties. 


     Cashew nut   


     Its fruits, per se, consist of two parts:  the so-called cashew apple and, actually, nut. Apple  is a large bulging peduncle, which resembles the pear of yellow, orange or red color; fleshy, very juicy, but is perishable.  In order to get to know its sour-sweet pleasant taste, it is necessary to go to the places of growth, for example, to India, where not only juice is made from the fruit, but also jams, jelly, compotes, alcoholic drinks.  But the nuts are reached to us in the best form.  They grow on the top of apple, they have very solid shell and during the ripening they acquire dark green, almost brown color. 


     In contrast to others nuts, cashew never is sold in the shell. Everything because between the nutshell and skin, behind which the nut is there, it is contained a very caustic, which under the contact with skin causes heavy burns.  Therefore before coming into the market, nuts are very carefully extracted from the shell and skin, they are passed special heat treatment till the total evaporation of substance.  No way attempt to clean cashew nuts on one's own!   


     Use of  cashew nuts with their fine, delicate creamy taste in cookery is very wide:  this is  an independent snack, and wonderful ingredient for the salads, first and second courses, sauces and pastries.  Cashew nuts are very popular in the Asian and Indian cookings.  They are rich in proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins A, B1, B2, they contain iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium.  But a fat content in them it is less than in the almonds, walnuts and peanut. 


     Nut?s vitamins contribute to the exchange of proteins and fatty acids in the body and to reduction of cholesterol level in the blood, they strengthen immune system, ensure the normal activity of cardiovascular system.  As a booster agent these nuts are used with the toothache, psoriasis, dystrophia, disturbances of metabolic processes, anemias.  Moreover in different countries, where cashew nuts are reared successfully, they are used differently. In Africa it is used as intoxicant, in Brazil it is considered aphrodisiac, drug against asthma, bronchitis, influenza, disorder of stomach, diabetes, on Haiti - panacea for the toothache and warts, in Mexico the freckles are decolorized by it, in Panama it is used for the treatment of hypertonia, in Venezuela - against inflammation of throat, in Peru it is used as antiseptic. 


     Brazil nut  


     Brazil nut  is the three-edged brown seeds- lobules with thin fast shell of a big tropical tree, which grow by fascicles per 12 - 24 pieces in a large nut, looking like coconut. Moreover on the native land they grow by themselves, they are not cultivated. A long, looking like half-moon, Brazilian nuts resemble pine nuts by taste, they are  served up as light snack, having strewed sometimes by sugar or salt.  Grinded, they are good in salads, in bread, pies and baked goods. 


     Brazil nut contributes to a decrease of cholesterol level and normalization of sugar content in the blood, helps children to grow, and superfluously nervous adults - to survive stresses.  Though they contain 65% of oil, this is a good source of protein, cellulose, thiamin, niacin, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins A, B and E. Brazil nut is also rich in the arginine (amino acid, which contributes to blood coagulation) and in flavonoids - an important antioxidant, and also in prophylactic substance for cardiovascular and cancerous diseases.  One eaten nut gives the supply of energy and cheerfulness to the body, and two - supply a daily rate of selenium, which shortage results in the premature aging.  However, with the daily use of Brazil nut one should eat not more than two pieces:  selenium in large quantities can become poisonous for the man. 




     America is the historical native land of pecan, but it was discovered by Indians.  They grow in North America literally everywhere - in parks and gardens from Great Lakes to Gulf of Mexico.  Today this is that most edible part, without which it is difficult to visualize the life of typical American family:  pecan is added into salads (classical example - heads of cabbage, apples and celery), into the bakes, the liqueurs are prepared from it, the famous cookies in a form of stars are strewn with it.  What amazing beverage will come out, if grains of coffee to grind with the nut, to brew, to draw and to add orange extract! " Olive nut " (so it still is called), which nucleus resembles the walnut, but the more elongated form, will give numerous pleasant sensations by its sweetish perfect taste. 


     Pecan is very nourishing - 100 g of nut contain 736 kcal and more than 70% of fats!  Not without reason doctors recommend the small packet of pekan as a drug against chronic fatigue and in the absence of appetite.  In it it is contained by 3% of vitamins. Including vitamin E, excellently recommended itself in cosmetology. Researchers from the university of the state of Indiana established that the " nut?s " vitamin E can be used during the treatment of cancerous diseases, since it possesses an unique ability to separate sick cells from healthy. 


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