How to eat with ulcer stomach and duodenum

Peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum impact on the entire human body. The treatment is not possible without properly compiled therapeutic diet. 

 Therapeutic food in the stomach ulcer is: 

  • diet should have high nutritional value and include a lot of fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins (Required A, C and Group B vitamins); 
  •  Food should not irritate mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum; 
  •  You have to eat often - about every 3-4 hours; 
  •  You can not eat very hot or cold food, it must be at room temperature; 
  •  Products, members of the diet, should not have a strong carcinoma Action; 
  •  One meal should not contain large quantities of food; 
  •  Food should not mechanically irritate mucous membrane of the stomach, try to eat the whole meal as a puree; 
  •  There is a need to reduce the consumption of daily salt to 10-12 grams. 

 The basis for the treatment of ulcer disease stomach and duodenum is the recovery of all the processes that are taking place in the body. This task perfectly copes an ordinary milk, which is for people with ulcer disease patients, one of the most beneficial foods. Milk contains a large number of substances the body.

If your body does not acquires milk, try to use its warm and small portions. You can also drink milk, mixing it with coffee or tea. 
Accelerate the process of healing ulcers also contribute vegetable fats (olive oil and sunflower), used to be a par with animal fats. 
If you follow the therapeutic diet in ulcer disease, try to consume nearly every day 3000-3200 kcal - it 100-110 g fat, 100 g protein, 400-450 g carbohydrate.
People with ulcer disease can be included in your diet:

    Bread and bakery products (white, wheat, slightly over dried, biscuits, crackers, cookies);
    Eggs (soft boiled or as an
    steam omelet );
    Soup (cereals, vegetables, chicken, milk);
    Milk and dairy products (milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt);
    meats (beef, chicken, veal, cutlets, meatballs, mashed potatoes, roll);
    fish dishes (boiled river fish - walleye, pike, perch, any low-fat varieties);
    vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets, zucchini, pumpkin);
    cereals and pasta (buckwheat, semolina, oats, rice, pearl barley, boiled pasta products);
    fat (vegetable oil, butter and animal fats);
    berries (raspberries, strawberries);
    desserts (jelly, cream juice);
    liquid (decoction of rose hips and wheat bran, not acidic vegetable and berry juices, non-carbonated mineral water).
    People with ulcer disease stomach and duodenum must to delete  from the diet:
    • Meat (fatty meat, fried dishes); 
    • fish ( fatty fish varieties, fried dishes);
    • soup (mushroom); 
    •  fats (fat sheep, beef and pork fat); 
    •  salty and spicy dishes; 
    •  sausage; 
    •  preserves; 
    •  bread and bakery products (Butter cookies dough, rye bread, pies); 
    • alcohol; 
    •  ice cream.

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    betty williams
    Please redo this page! I was insulted as a reader and someone searching for vital info relating to a serious condition. Ever heard of "proof-reading"? If the information on this page was correct and concise (and it wasn't), it was as if a third grader organized and wrote it.

    If English is your "second language", you are forgiven. But, if English isn't your second language, then this is a disgrace! Either way, you should seriously take this page down immediately.

    This was of no help what is included in what a person can eat is wrong. My doctor specifically told me to stay away from strawberries, dairy, among other products. The person that wrote this page needs to do more research.