There are many beer lovers. Among them are women, including such famous as Madonna and Julia Roberts.
     They not only drink it with pleasure, but also use it to care for themselves. And all because beer contains a number of valuable proteins and amino acids, vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and PP, as well as carbon dioxide, which not only makes light beer, but also regulates breathing and blood circulation, positively affect the performance of the heart. Recent studies of Japanese scientists have proved that if drink beer constantly, but in small portions, it can reduce the risk of cancer by 2-3 times.
     Even in the XVI century, women were advised regularly to rub face and bosom with beer foam. It was believed that thanks to it skin becomes extremely delicate. Known curious history associated with the Prussian Queen Louise. This noble lady, with very ordinary forms, dreamed of a large and splendid bust. Courtiers doctors advised women to "drink beer during and after the meal and three times a day carefully massive bosom with beer." Such a course of treatment, as history shows, has brought results.
     With the help of beer can be fought and against wrinkles. Beat up yolk of egg with beer until a homogeneous mass, put it on the face for 20 minutes, wash away. Such masks are especially beneficial for oily skin, make it elastic, normalize blood circulation. Beer yeast need to drink at various problems with the skin.
     Since ancient times known that beer baths - an excellent means of sweat. Therefore, if you have excessive sweating, add a bottle of beer to warm water and relax short in a bath. Do you sometimes go to the bath? Plash a little beer on the hot stones. Steam will make your skin delicate.
     Beer is particularly useful for hair, and no matter they are fatty or dry, thin or thick. All of them are just better with the help of beer. Thanks to a large number of useful substances it gives a lively, a healthy shine even to dry hair. Our mothers and grandmothers used the beer for laying hair.

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