Popular disputes about harm and benefit of salt for human health continue for a long time.  Some prefer to eat salt as little as possible, others love to salt everything. Really, the influence of salt on human organism depends, mainly, on a quantity of used salt and, certainly, on its form... 

      Why is life impossible without salt? 

 *  Salt is necessary for normal vital activity of human organism. The salt is contained in any organ of man, just as in the blood, tears, perspiration.  The transfer of nutrients and oxygen, the transfer of nerve impulses, the motion of muscles, including heart muscle would not be possible without sodium of chloride. Organism can not produce sodium independently.  Therefore to compensate for the loss of salt is vitally necessary. 

 * Salt is one of the most widespread spices, which strengthens the taste of dish.  Without it all our food would be tasteless.

      It is best to use the natural salt into the food, which passed a minimum of stages of treatment, and it is still better - sea salt.  However, the use of common purified salt, because of the addition of chemical substances and purifying under the action of high temperature (more than 650 °C), is desirable to reduce to a minimum. 

      Why is it better to use precisely sea salt? 

 * the natural useful product, obtained by the natural evaporation of pure sea water under the action of southern sun and wind

 * without chemical food additives, which are used frequently for giving friability to salt

 * because of  natural method of output, it is the source of micro- and  macroelements, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, iron, zinc, etc. 

 * sea salt is dissolved completely in liquid mediums of organism, without being put aside in tissues, internals and mucous membranes

 *  it has soft taste, fresh aroma and originally emphasizes the taste of dishes 

     0250 g of salt are contained in the body of adult. It is possible to fill 3-4 salt shakers with such quantity.

     Many people usually use salt of identical grinding. But indeed the gustatory qualities of the dish considerably depend on that, what salt is used.

     Coarse salt is better to use during the cooking of first courses, for addition into boiling water during the brew of vegetables, macaroni foods, cereals, for preparation of marinade.

     Medium-sized salt - during the cooking of meat, vegetables, salting or smoking of fish, for  conservation.  

     Small salt is ideal for the use in already finished dishes and directly at table. 


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