Skinny stomach for the summer

Many women stomach is ugly form, much sticks out. That is the case here, not only in odd weight. The form of stomach depends on the thickness of the layer of fat and the state of the abdominal wall muscles. The weakness of this group of muscles leads to the formation sticks out of stomach.

Flat stomach - it is not just skinny and beautiful part of the body. Strong abdominal muscles are doing thinner waist, hips - slender, and the figure - more sports and skinny.
For most women, and all obese people power training is not simply a matter of choice. This is the absolute need to remove fat. As long as they do not accelerate metabolism increases muscle mass, they will never be able to get rid of fat, even if regularly engage in aerobics and eat properly. Certainly, some amount of fat away, but you can do that much better and faster if at least once a week to engage in the gym.

Only power training, but not diet and aerobics, the most effective factor for a strong body. We need to train the stomach the morning before eating or 2-2,5 hours after meals. Without support from outside energy, the body will be forced to burn subcutaneous abdominal fat. When training abdominal muscles do not perform exercises with the strong force, as this may lead to a hernia. Also, do not repeat many exercises the lungs, it is ineffective. Each repeat the drill at least 16-20 times. Exercises are described from light to the more complex.

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