Among the forest berries fruits of bilberry rightfully are considered elite. Recently the proofs were obtained of the fact that this berry contains many unique properties and main things of them - the ability to restore many functions of organism and powerfully to counteract aging. 


     In folk medicine long since bilberry is known as universal medicinal plant.  For example, the most effective from the disorder of stomach is considered such " grandmother?s " drug as kissel from the bilberry, that possesses astringent action because of a large quantity of tanning substances, which are contained in berries.  The juice of ripe fruits of bilberry folk healers recommend in gastritis with lowered acidity, in the hepatite, and also with diarrheas.  This juice contains special vegetable secretin, i.e., the ferment, which facilitates the gastrointestinal digestion. 


     There are organic acids, vitamin C, tanning substances, essential oils in leaves of bilberry.  Therefore infusion of them is capable to render antiseptic action and since olden times successfully is used for treating the inflammatory diseases of gastrointestinal tract, mucous membrane of mouth, bladder and urolithiasis. 


     The berries of bilberry are rich in pectines.  They help to remove rapidly  toxins, salts of heavy metals, and also radionuclides from the body.  Bilberry is especially useful for people, which suffer from  metabolic disorder, which brings on such illnesses as gout, rheumatism, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis. 


     The unique medicinal properties of bilberry can bring relief to diabetics, since tea from leaves of bushes reduces the content of sugar and  it can be used in complex therapy of pancreatic diabetes.  Bilberry is used also as external drug.  Thick pulp from boiled berries  must be applied to the skin during the treatment of eczemas, burns, pimples and ulcers.


     Rather recently the biological role of entire group of vegetable pigments of bilberry was discovered.  It turned out that its bioflavonoids selectively influence the function of retina and contribute to the production of protein, necessary for ocular adaptation in the darkness.  Furthermore, bilberry provides the expressed therapeutic effects in diseases, that cause the affection of the vessels of eye grounds, particularly, in glaucoma. On the basis of obtained dry extract of bilberry the medicinal preparation is created by scientists, which helps with night blindness, reduction of visual acuity and diabetic retinopathy.


     Those are absolutely right, who during the season eat a glass of bilberry every day - this is truly the guarantee of health.  Bilberry is good in any form.  But for treatment and preventive health care there is nothing better and more useful than the fresh berry. In winter berries can be stored in dry or frozen form.


     Several prescriptions from phytotherapeutists  


     With pancreatic diabetes you can prepare the aqueous infusion of bilberry: 1 table spoon of dry leaves of bilberry to dilute with 1 glass of boiling water, to draw, to strain and to intake 2 table spoons 3 times a day before the food.   

     Such broth helps with disorders of bowels:  1 table spoon of dry berries of bilberry to dilute with 2 glasses of  water. To boil until liquid until the liquid evaporates by half, to strain and to drink 1/4 of glass 4 times a day before the food. 

     Enemas from the infusion of leaves of bilberry help with the hemorrhoid.  Proportions:  60 g of leaves to 1 l of boiling water. 

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