Mandarins are used during the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.  Tangerine juice is useful dietetic and therapeutic beverage.  Especially it is recommended to children (even babies) and to patients. For purification of lungs from mucus it is necessary every morning to drink one glass of tangerine juice.


     Infusions and broths from dry rind with water (1:10) soften cough and render expectorative action with bronchitis and tracheitis. The tangerine rind enters into composition of mixture of medicinal plants for obtaining the bitter tincture, which is used in medicine for improvement of appetite and digestion. It is intaken per 10-20 drops 15-30 minutes before food.


     For stimulation of appetite the tincture of dry tangerine rind is recommended at the same doses.  The abundant use of tangerine juice saves from from helminths.  Fruits of tangerine tree are used as valuable dietetic product, which saturates organism with vitamins in winter.  Mandarins possess anti-scorbutic action, they increase appetite, improve metabolic processes. 


     Essential oil of mandarin raises mood.  


     With diabetes broth from the rind of mandarins contributes to a decrease of sugar level in the blood.  The rind of 3 fruits is boiled for 10 minutes in 1 l of water.  Unstrained broth must be held in refrigerator and it must be intaken daily. Mandarins and tangerine juice render antimicrobic action. The external application of tangerine juice helps in struggle against thrush.  Juice and fruits of tangerine effectively act during dysentery. 



  With skin diseases the fresh juice kills some fungi (trichophytosis, microsporia, etc.).  In order to cure the skin and nails, affected by fungus, one should repeatedly rub juice from lobule or rind of mandarin into them.  At the same time mandarins can irritate kidneys and mucous membrane of stomach and bowels.  Therefore they are not recommended during stomach ulcer and duodenum ulcer, with gastritis with increased acidity of gastric juice, enteritis, colitis and  aggravations of inflammatory diseases of bowels, and also with cholecystitis, hepatite and acute nephritis. 



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