Four steps towards the porridges

     When we want to lose weight, first of all we cease to eat bread, macaronis and porridges.  But whether correctly do wek make? 


     1. The latest research of scientists force us in a new way to glance at the products, rich in carbohydrates.  Provided to be, benefit from them to our health - enormous.  In reality the most important factor, which leads to the excess weight, - the excessive content of fats in the food, which energy value is 9 kcal per gram.  In order to obtain such quantity of energy, you should eat doubly more carbohydrates. Therefore, the small piece of cheese with dairy butter is more caloric than a plateful of porridge. 


     2. Carbohydrates - this is the accumulator, from which the man takes a large part of his energy. 


     3. Compare:  fats, according to the recommendations of nutritionists, must give us 30 percent of energy, proteins - 10 - 15, while carbohydrates - all 55 - 60.  Porridge and macaroni with cheese to the breakfast will satisfy one's hunger for a long time:  food from the one-piece grain is digested for a long time, slowly assimilated by organism and for long preserves the level of sugar content in the blood. 


     4. Products from the one-piece grain are rich not only in energy, but also in vitamins B, mineral substances and cellulose.  For example, wheaten bran contain much cellulose, which connects water and contributes to digestion. Cellulose, which is contained in large quantities in the grains of oat, barley and rye, contributes to decrease of  cholesterol level and slows down raising the level of sugar in the blood after food intake.  Scientists thoroughly investigated cellulose of oat, in which they detected natural beta- glucan.  Miraculously it helps alimentary organs to work harmoniously, without delays, excellently removes bile acid and cholesterol.  Oat flakes are especially rich in this useful compound. 


     When we eat to the breakfast porridges, flakes or macaroni, we force our organism to liberate serotonin - the surprising and very useful substance, which renders sedative action on the nervous system and improves mood.


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