Including potatoes in our daily menu, we supply organism with the most necessary, irreplaceable amino acids, in particular with lysine, carbohydrates, mineral substances and vitamins. 


     Only 1 kg of boiled purified potatoes supply organism with proteins - 20 %, carbohydrates - 40 %, vitamins B1 (thiamine) and PP (nicotinic acid) - 60 %, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 30 %, vitamin C - 200 %, and also with potassium (200 %), magnesium and phosphorus (50 %), iron (60 %) and calcium (20 %).  


     Caloric value in this case is 800-900 kcal (30 % of  the daily need).  For valuable nourishment it is sufficient to eat 100 g of potatoes every day.


     Folk medicine rates very highly the therapeutic properties of potatoes. Gastric and duodenal ulcers since olden times were treated by its juice. Potassium, which this vegetable is rich in, is necessary for people, which suffer from heart and kidneys diseases heart and kidneys. 


     Starch of this remarkable gift of nature also is used for therapeutic purposes.  It is used as coating, antipyretic drug with the gastrointestinal diseases.  Even with the severe forms of poisoning you may eat boiled potatoes. 


     Tasty tubers can be used as a medicine with the following problems with the health: 


     ? with edemas of arms or legs you must peel away the potatoes skin, grate it, apply pulp to the edematic places and hold it during 15-20 min, having tightly wound  cotton or terry towel round " compress "; 


     ? with hypertonia more frequently eat potatoes baked in their jackets; 


     ? compress from ground raw potatoes with honey possesses anaesthetizing action with osteochondrosis. They hold it on the sick place not less than hour; 


     ? if you suffer from heartburn, nausea and constant headaches, then intake fresh potato juice. You must drink a half of glass  2-3 times a day: the first dose - on an empty stomach, the second - 30

min prior to dinner, third - for 1 hour before the sleep.  After two weeks of  treatment it is necessary to make interruption for 6 days and then to repeat course;


     ? the juice of raw potatoes excellently removes slags from organism, if you will mix it with the juice of carrot and celery. Furthermore, 3-4 table spoons of this juice daily help during nervous disorders; 


     ? inhalations of potato vapor are irreplaceable with a cold and toothache, and compress from hot potato mash helps during the cough and pains in the throat. 


     Deep-fried potatoes and potato chips will hardly improve your health, quite the contrary, they are capable of impairing it. After the introduction of new procedure of products testing the scientists explained that many unnatural isomers of fatty acids are contained in these delicacies. They increase cholesterol level and risk of cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, they meddle in the metabolism of cell, contributing to the development of specific forms of malignant new growths, and therewith the general content of fat goes off scale in them.

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