Lovers of the exotic have named Papaya "food of XXI Century". Such a loud name, in general it, is quite justified: all water-soluble vitamins are present in papaya. Thanks to this composition papaya has a reputation of the natural fat annihilator. Therefore, it has been used in diets. 

     Energy value of 100 g of edible part of papaya - 26-74 calories. The fruits of papaya, not only at aspect, but also at its chemical composition is very close to the melon. They contain glucose and fructose, organic acids, cellulose, proteins, vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B5 and D. In addition, they contain minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron. 

     The fruits are of particular value by papain, vegetable enzymes, in its effect similar to gastric juice. It consists of protease enzyme and another enzyme, similar to pepsin. The green fruit, leaves, stalks of papaya contain milky sap - latex. It consists of proteolytic enzymes - papain and papayotin, malic acid, fatty oil, resin, alkaloid.


     The fruits of papaya are used, first of all, as a valuable dietary product, digestive. There is evidence that they help with gastric ulcer. 

     In the USA fruits of papaya are used to produce tablets, which are used to treat herpes. Healing preparation papain, which is a dried latex, is produced from the immature fruit. Papain splits proteins in the human stomach, and, like pepsin, contributes to splitting of fats. In connection with this, it is especially useful for people suffering from protein deficiency because of the inability of the body completely or partially to absorb proteins. Papain is used in medicine as a anticoagulin of blood in the treatment of thrombosis, gastritis. Outwardly papain is used to treat burns, in cosmetics - for the strengthening of the hair and for removal of freckles. 

     Papaya is recommended to eat just before meals, during meals or immediately thereafter. Only then she will have time to react on products that have been eaten. The most effective is the use of Papaya as a component of restrictive protein-carbohydrate diets. In this case, you can achieve maximum results.



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