Diet ballerinas

Rather  lifestyle than diet:)

  •     1 dose of food should be divided into 2 times.
  •     Soups are not eating with other food.
  •     Do not combine into one meal fish and meat, because of there are not the similar protein.
  •     Eat dairy products with minimum fat  
  •     Don't to consume the mayonnaise or cook it yourself without the yolks and salt and add to the finished mayonnaise 1 / 3 lowfat yoghurt.
  •     Do not use salt in cooking, and try to replace it with soy sauce or seasonings, drip it on the finished dish in a bowl.
  •     Drink at least 30 minutes before eating and not earlier than 1 hour after.
  •     And of course, 1.5 -  2 liters of carbonic mineral water per day (this is in a moderate climate).

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