About Cranberry

     The most useful forest berries - cranberry. A crop harvest in late autumn and another in early spring, right from under the snow. 

     Cranberry realy unique. It contains such useful substances, which do not have any other berries. Therefore, cranberry jelly juice - is a perfect substance to treat many illnesses, including colds and flu. It reduces heat, removes slag and, most importantly, increases the effect of drugs (like antibiotics), several times, because so useful to take these drugs with cranberry jelly juice. 

     Cranberry contains a lot of tannin. Tannin has a special ability to remove various bacteria from the body. Physicians have proved that if you drink cranberry jelly juice, you are sick less often. 

     The composition includes berries and benzoic acid, it is also useful for health. In addition, cranberry contains quinine and citric acid, vitamin C. It helps that berry with atherosclerosis and hypertension, protects against cancer. Fresh fruit, juice, jams and enhances the appearance of gastric juice. Therefore, they often used to treat gastritis with the decreased acidity and with inflammation of the pancreas. They prevent formation of kidney stones. Cranberry juice with honey should be taken if quinsy sick with bronchitis or cough.

Try an exclusive recipe for colds.
   1 cup of cranberry thoroughly mix, add 0.5 cups of sugar and boil. Add 1 cup of alcohol.
    Drink to 50 mg. 3 times a day before meals.

In cranberry contains:
   glucose (2.4%), fructose (0.3%), organic acids - citric, quinine, apple - 2,4-3,3%, proteins (0.5%).
   In cranberry have vitamins:
   C (30 mg), B1 (0.03 mg), B2 (0.02 mg).
   It contains potassium (116 mg), sodium (12 mg), calcium (14 mg), phosphorus (11 mg), iron (0.6 mg).

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