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Weight depends on your body type build, to grow and age. You can talk about the perfect balance of growth and weight, have different standards, but particularly good in this is, if you will feel in harmony with that ideal weight.
Body mass index (BMI) is often used to measure excess or shortage of body weight. If in the calculation of BMI was less than 19, indicating the weight of the deficit that often young, very straight girls. Such a BMI of boys said that they were also very bad, but it still is the fact that they are little sporty and have less muscle that for a healthy young person, of course, bad. And, on the contrary, people involved in the power sports can be increased BMI performance, but excess weight was not obese, and with well-developed muscles.

It was thought that the ideal weight is the one in which you feel themselves feel brisker healthy and successful.

Nevertheless, try to calculate your weight on the proposed calculator and not grow in the house if something is not true, and immediately go to "Diet".

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