Monuments to the cucumbers

     On 28 of May 2007 on the native land of Belarus President, in Shklov, they also opened a monument to cucumber, which without delay became main urban symbol.  Rumor assigns the wonderful properties to it: if you want to become rich - rub the pocket of cucumber (vegetable is dressed up into the coat). 


     Russia also does not lag in - in the same 2007 year in Lukhovitsi (Moscow area) the monument to national snack was appeared, and in 2003 bronze monument with height of 6 meters wasinstalled in the village named Istobinsk. 

     In order that all useful properties of fruits of Indian liana would be realized as possible better, cucumbers must be planted during the day of spring Yuri!  And then good signs will happen! 


     Why they do give so much attention to fruits of usual liana?  Even bible did not go around this vegetable from Egypt!  Tropics and subtropics of India and China are considered the native land of cucumber - there plant, until now, is encountered under the natural conditions. Imagine enormous lianas with many small fruits, even fences of Indian settlements are frequently braided by cucumbers!  True, the wild cucumbers are bitter and inedible.  But in six thousand years (namely it is such the age of favourite snack) the hundreds of completely cultivated and exceptionally tasty kinds with the fruits of any size were appeared.  By the way, cucumbers found themselves in Europe thanks to omnipresent Englishmen, who brought exotica from the West Indies.  The vegetables came to Russian empire also very long ago: already in the times of Aleksey Mikhaylovich in the environs of Moscow Indian guest was reared for palace necessities. 


     The most ancient vegetable in fresh, in salt, and in pickled form consists of 95% of water.  Cucumbers contain sugar (2%), protein (from 0,7 to 1%).  There are vitamins C, B1, B2, P,  provitamin A, ferments and trace elements:  phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron in cucumbers.  They contain sufficiently much potassium, which contributes to removal of overflow water from the organism and beneficially influences the work of heart and kidneys.  Alkalis of cucumber fruits decrease the acidity of gastric juice, and iodine compounds are easily assimilated by organism.  Cucumber ? an excellent source of cellulose, which wonderfully regulates the work of bowels, it is irreplaceable, also, with diets, indeed a quantity of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is negligible, therefore to grow stout is impossible!  In addition, cucumber is greatly valued in cosmetology - cucumber juice refreshes and bleaches the skin, it helps to move away acne, freckles and pigment spots. 

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