Although, in contrast to its " comrades " on the vegetable-garden, the onion only only one time became fairytale hero (Chipollino), but it is encountered frequently in the riddles and sayings. They eat this vegetable already more than 4 thousand years, and so many they use it for the treatment.  For example, they smeared the skin of face with its fresh juice for an improvement of color and in order to give freshness.


     As " universal medicine " onion is mentioned in the works of Hippocrates, Dioskorid, Paracelsus. But in the times of crusades its glory was so great, that they bartered prisoners for priceless onions! 


     Contemporary studies confirmed the healing properties of onion. It is rich in essential oils, it contains vitamins (first of all C and B), iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus, sulfur (exactly it answers for the sharp smell); flavonoids, which impede the formation of cancerous cells and plant hormone (natural drug for lowering of sugar level in the blood). 


     The juice of onion - this is the natural antibiotic, which protects from colds.  True, this " medicine " gives very specific smell to respiration, but, they speak, you can get rid of this trouble, having chewed the leaf of fresh parsley. 


     The use of fresh onion is contra-indicated with acute diseases of gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver, its juice cannot be drunk with the increased acidity.  In the kitchen the onion is used almost so frequently as salt, but do not forget, that therapeutic properties catastrophically melt away during heating. 


     In 100 g of onion - 30 kcal. 



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