The secrets of beauty and slenderness

     Here several simple secrets in order to maintain necessary weight would be easily and joyfully

      * Eat pineapples, if means make it possible:  one slice before the food and afterward.  Bromeline ferment containing in the pineapples contributes to total  assimilation of protein in the organism. 

      * Drink grapefruit juice.  Grapefruits accelerate the combustion of fats and bile flow. 

      * Use pepper if  you have not problems with stomach. It stimulates metabolism. 

      * Try to take raw vegetables, vegetable juice, vegetable soups. They are products, containing  much water and cellulose; they give a feeling of saturation and moreover they almost don?t add excess calories. 

      * Use dishes of dark tones. There is information, that yellow, pink and cream plates increase  appetite, but dark-blue and green ones prevent overeating.  As of white dishes, some carry it to category of those increasing appetite, but other researchers consider that white dishes in this respect is neutral. 

      * Try to dilute fruit juices with water. So they will become considerably more useful. 

      * Try to reject the beverages with sweeteners. They strengthen appetite. 

      * Drink cooled beverages, if your health is made it possible. So you effortlessly will spend several calories for your organism would heat them till the temperature of body. 

      * Find for yourself suitable low-fat seasonings:  soybean sauce, lemon seasoning, mustard, soybean mayonnaise, apple vinegar.  They will make your dishes appetizing and will not add to them excess calories. 

      * Drink green tea.  It improves metabolism in the organism and stimulates pressure.   



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