Diet of the Russian Institute of Nutrition

Losing weight on a diet of this happening by reducing caloric until 1800-1200 kcal per day. Basic principles of the diet are: restriction of carbohydrate content in food in the sugar, bakery products, potatoes. Frequent food, 5-6 times per day at the same hours. Reducing the fat. Water is limited to 1.5 liters, including the water contained in food. Eat salt - less than 1 tsp daily.

Menu of the day

Option 1
1-and breakfast: 2 fried eggs, cabbage salad, tea with milk.
2-nd breakfast: cottage cheese, tea, broth or juice dog-rose.
Lunch: vegetable salad, cabbage soup, boiled chicken with vegetables, juice or broth dog-rose.
Snack: a glass of milk, juice or broth dog-rose.
Dinner: boiled fish (100 g), chop vegetable, tea.
Before bedtime: a glass of kefir.

Option 2
1-and breakfast: boiled meat (100 g) with green peas, tea.
2-nd breakfast: cheese or baked apple.
Lunch: vegetarian soup, boiled fish with a vegetable salad with vegetable oil, mix.
Snack: dog-rose broth.
Dinner: cottage cheese, tea.
Before bedtime: a glass of kefir.

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