Diet Bonn soup

This liquid soup diet, the main meal in the diet - vegetable soup.
500 g white cabbage, carrots 170 g, 170 g of celery, 150 grams of heads of white onions, 150 g green onions; cauliflowers 300 g, 300 g tomatoes, 20 g of fresh garlic; 0.1 litres of olive oil, 1.5 litres of water ; 2 cube vegetable broth, 1 tsp ground coriander, 1 tsp caraway chopped, 1 tsp curry powder, 2 dried chili pepper pod; 2 laurel leaf, 1 dive soy sauce; St. few. ginger, parsley greens, fish.

Thin sliced onion rings (with green) lightly fried in olive oil. Add curry powder, caraway, garlic and simmer on low heat. Then cut into cubes, add carrots and celery, cabbage and chopped, divided by the heads Cauliflower and diced tomatoes. All of pouring water. Add coriander, cubes, bay leaves, well sliced pepper pods and other spices from the recipe. Soup cook until cooked vegetables.

During the diet drink alcohol is prohibited.
Recommended drink a lot - not less than 3 liters of mineral water per day. Allow unsweet tea.

But soup can be eaten as follows:

Day 1: All sorts of fruit except bananas.
Day 2: green vegetables. At dinner - a boiled potato with butter.
Day 3: Fruits and vegetables, but without the potatoes.
Day 4: Three banana milk and lean.
Day 5: chicken breast or piece of fish, 6 tomatoes.
Day 6: chop with a green salad.
Day 7: natural rice with vegetables.

If you believe in words, top models, the advantage of this soup diet can be reset for the week to 5 kg. So you Loss pleasant!

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