The American diet

Today, the diet is the most popular and fashionable. This is the best choice for people who might abandon dinner.
Diet does not prohibit sweet, flour and alcohol is not needed to calculate calories. It can be applied fairly long time.


1. A sufficient supply of body fluid.
2. Waiver of "heavy" fats.
3. We should eat a lot of vitamins and trace elements.
4. Selecting only suitable products.

4 rules, which must comply with:

1. Nothing eat after 17 hours (you can drink liquid).
2. Liquids must be many, not just the evening, but all day long, as this helps the body purification of slag and speedy withdrawal of toxins.
3. Remember the fat. If you eat extra piece of sausage, it does not forget to eat a couple of slices pineapple or grapefruit.
4. Do not forget about the "usefulness" of the food that you eat every day, eat more fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts eat less, chips, fried potatoes, etc.

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