The Polish Diet

Very interesting diet, based on the traditionally Polish recipes. Diet is not a hungry because you can eat different products 4 times a day. Diet is designed for one week.
Day 1

Breakfast: millet porridge with pumpkin; tea.
Lunch: 100 g of dry white wine; salad of fresh cabbage and carrots; vegetable soup.
Snack: mushrooms with potatoes; mix of apples and plums.
Dinner: turnip stew with carrots and onions, cranberry, mashed with sugar, fruit. 

Day 2

Breakfast: potato pancakes with tomato sauce and pickled mushrooms, bean salad with onion, coffee or tea.
Lunch: salad of fresh apples, celery and rutabagas; mushroom soup.
Snack: chop vegetable stew, cranberry-apple mousse.
Dinner: stuffed with rice and mushrooms; cakes from rye flour and bran; tea with plum jam, fruit. 

Day 3

Breakfast: salad of boiled vegetables with dill or pertrushkoy coffee with chicory, flower tea.
Lunch: fresh beet salad with apples, of all things, and wetted with rice.
Snack: potato cutlet with tomato sauce, fermented cabbage, salted cucumbers, red currant jelly with vanilla.
Dinner: boiled pumpkin, apple pie; of gooseberry jam, fruit, tea. 

Day 4

Breakfast: mushroom caviar, toast of black bread, oatmeal soup.
Lunch: fresh turnip salad with cranberries and carrots, soup and vegetable pie with onions and carrots.
Snack: stuffed vegetables turnip, pumpkin salad with apples, honey and nuts.
Dinner: grits casserole with sauce with raisins and apple puree; Plum jam, tea. 

Day 5

During the day: only water and berry compote.
Night recommended bath.
In the bath preferably drink kvass, horseradish and mint.
Dinner: potatoes and a green salad with sour cream, cheese sandwiches, tea. 

Day 6

Breakfast: Hercules porridge on the water; caviar courgettes and beets, chicory coffee or tea.
Lunch: salad of fresh carrots with nuts and herbs, radish and onion and sunflower oil, beans and soup with cabbage pies.
Snack: stewed vegetables and salted black mushrooms; pastry apples, lightly sprinkled with sugar.
Dinner: boiled potatoes and salad with onions, carrots and pickled cucumbers, fruit and flower tea. 

Day 7

Breakfast: porridge flour and sugar; pancakes made with dough with sauce from onions and garlic or a black currant jam.
Lunch: beet salad with carrots, garlic and parsley; potato soup with roots and toast.
Snack: cutlets of buckwheat porridge with onion sauce and fermented cabbage, cranberry jelly soup.
Dinner: from black bread pudding with sauce of prunes, flower tea, crackers and cherry jam.

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