Diet: Proper balanced nutrition

 When you take a diet in order to lose weight or simply to relieve the body, it implies certain restrictions in nutrition for your body. For most people, the restriction of the use of protein or carbohydrate - it's stress that impairs health, and  the mood.

It is therefore proposed one-day example of balanced nutrition of the day, in which there are all necessary  nutrients, trace elements and vitamins for a vigorous state of health.

7-30 - 8-00 - a  cup of strong coffee or tea with dried fruits (50 g), (to put down the dried fruits in boiled water before use on 10-15 min.).
10-30 - 11-00 - a portion of cottage cheese (100g) or boiled egg,  and fresh seasonal fruit (100-150g).
13-30 - 14-00 - a piece of cooked lean beef or poultry (200g) with a salad of fresh cabbage and carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil (100g), orange or apple.
16-30 - 17-00 - a piece of cheese - 30-50g, apple or grapefruit.
19-30 - 20-00 - a cup of yogurt or sour milk.

During the diet you can drink tea, juice, mineral water in any quantity. This diet is designed for 10 days, for which you can lose weight on 3-4kg. After 10 days of diet is necessary to make a break for 2-3 months. Products can be variety (use a wide variety seasonal fruit and making variety salads from seasonal vegetables).

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