Diet for women who are over 30 years old

Breakfast: 1 / 2 cans cream (125 g), vegetable salad, 1-2 piece of bread, a cup of tea or coffee.

The second breakfast: 1-2 fruit and green vegetables (green pepper, cucumber).

Lunch: Soup without fat (vegetable, beetroot, a packet). The Red turkey or lean beef demonstrates. Every two weeks you can eat liver, roast pans on without fat.
GARNISH - 3 tablespoons green peas (for iron, as well as with all diets is falling hemoglobin), and vegetable salad.

Snack: Fruit 1-2, 1 diet yoghurt.

Dinner: 1-2 piece of bread, vegetables + 1 tsp vegetable oil, cottage cheese.

Note: The daily drink 10-12 glasses of water for the withdrawal of kidney ketonovyh phone, fat products.
Instead of sugar - sugar substitute to 6 pills a day.
Fruit - 4 portions per day (4 medium apple, mandarin, plums).
Green vegetables without restrictions.

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