6 petals diet

6 petals diet or  Anna Johansson's diet (nutritionist from Sweden) - is designed for six days. Each day is devoted to a separate mono-diet, according to which you need to eat. In this diet separated carbohydrate days and protein days. You can not change the order of days!

Elegant name " 6 petals Diet" - allows you to not focus and not concentrate attention on the fact that you follow a strict diet and must to limit myself in something. On the contrary, a flower with six petals - very beautiful, and we all strive to beauty and perfection. You can before dieting to draw beautiful flower with six petals and to place figure in a prominent place, and after each day of  monodiets decorate one petal with bright color. It will help you better get to the goal. A monotonous diet during the day in any kind of products also helps to loose excess weight faster.

6 petals diet will help to get rid  from 3-5 kg of excess weight in 6 days.

Day 1: monodiet Fish

On this day you can eat only fish (river, sea), steamed, boiled, stewed with a little salt. You can eat and fish broth, to which is added spices and herbs. In the day you can eat 300-500g finished fish.

Day 2: monodiet vegetable

The whole day you can eat any vegetables (1-1,5kg). Moreover, they can be both fresh and stewed, boiled. You can drink any vegetable juices. Salt should be consumed as little as possible, so that  excess fluid no trapped in the body.

Day 3: monodiet chicken

In this day diet, you can eat meat chicken (good and even desirable, if the  chicken from home-farm). Better to take a low-fat chicken without skin, boil them or  bake. Ideal - chicken broth with chunks of meat. In just a day you can eat 0.5kg of chicken.

Day 4: monodiet Cereal

On this day, there can be all kinds of cereals (just 200g of dry product). But it is necessary to prepare porridge on the water and only a minimum of salt. As for drinks, you can drink the water, kvass (not sweet). Added to the diet you can use seeds, grain bread, bran.

Day 5: monodiet curd

The whole day is necessary to eat the low-fat cottage cheese (500g), you can drink a little milk. These foods shall replenish the reserves of protein and calcium in the body.

Day 6: mono-diet fruit

During the day you can eat any fruit in any form or drink fruit juices,  (similar to the mono-diet vegetable). The number of fruit per day - 1-1.5 kg.

Throughout the diet should drink mineral water, tea (green, black), but the coffee - at the minimum level. Sugar completely excluded from use.

6 petals diet, if you want, can be repeated 2 times in a row, and then be sure to make a 1-2 week break.

It should be used with caution if you have a chronic disease, low hemoglobin, or problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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