Milk contains fat sheep 2 times more than the cow. The particular flavour of milk and attach Caprylic Caproic fatty acids, which in sheep milk than in cow.
     Milk is used for the production of sheep and some solid soft cheese.
     Milk Goats on the composition and nutritional close to cow milk. Used as a treatment and prevention product.
     Milk cows, chilled immediately after milking, retains microbicides properties. When cooling below 0 C milk-free. If you store milk for 2-3 days more changes are happening, but thawing remains small cake.
     When heated pishevaya and biological value of milk decreased. Enzymes completely destroyed even when heated to
From 85-95, but fat milk, heated to 100 C for almost no change in the majority of vitamins and milk do not lose their properties, except vitamin C.

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