To maintain immunity

In autumn and winter protective body's weakened forces, but in your power to enhance their immunity by changing the diet, adding the products to help formulate antibodies to successfully resist viral infections, as well as products that are sources of vitamins and trace elements.

Diet is designed for 1-2 weeks. This suggests that you reduce to a minimum the use of fried foods, sweets, alcohol.

Recommended products: lean (beef, pork), fish (especially tuna, cod), chicken, seafood, dairy products, cheese, vegetables (carrot, cabbage, pumpkin, cauliflower, onions, garlic), fruit (citrus, apples, bananas, kiwi fruit), raisins, dried apricots, fresh and dried berries (black currant, buckthorn, cranberry, cranberries, raspberries); with bran bread and cereal, nuts (pine, hazelnuts, cashews) and sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cereals ( buckwheat, oats) development, germinated the seeds of wheat and oats, fresh and dried mushrooms, fruit and vegetable juices, seasonings (herbs, horseradish, mustard).

1 day

1-and breakfast: oatmeal flakes with berries and nuts, yogurt filled with natural, herbal drink.
2-nd breakfast: apple and grapefruit.
Lunch: chicken broth with vegetables and herbs, cod fillets, baked with onions and dill, with a garnish of shredded cooked beets with walnuts and olive oil mixture of excitement and orange juice.
Snack: fruit cream (whipped mixer apple, kiwi, banana) with yogurt.
Dinner: meat stew with prunes and assorted fresh vegetables, broth Blackberry.
Before bedtime: In pieces kefir with dried apricots.

Day 2

1-and breakfast: cream of the kiwi fruit, bananas, yoghurt, ice and green tea.
2-nd breakfast: fresh orange juice.
Lunch: soup of fresh vegetables with rye crackers, fish fillet with fresh vegetables, pears, cooked with a sauce of black currants.
Snack: juice of carrots and cabbage.
Dinner: eggplant stuffed with vegetables with dill and sour sauce, kefir.
Before bedtime: kefir.

Day 3

1-and breakfast: oatmeal porridge with dried milk for coffee with chicory.
2-nd breakfast: apple green.
Lunch: smoked tuna or sardines from Onion and garlic, boiled potatoes with butter, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, fruit jelly.
Snack: Blackberry broth with honey.
Dinner: Shrimp omelet, yogurt with fresh fruit pieces.
Before bedtime: dried.

Day 4

1-and breakfast: meagerly cottage cheese with raspberry jam, with the bran rolls, green tea with honey.
2-nd breakfast: pear, mandarin.
Lunch: chicken soup with buckwheat groats, sweet peppers stuffed with rice with the colored cabbage, carrot juice.
Snack: bread with apple jam, mint tea.
Dinner: mackerel, baked in foil, with a side dish of carrot and wheat nuts, pomegranate juice.
Before bedtime: kefir with cherry syrup.

Day 5

1-and breakfast: buckwheat porridge with milk and honey, coffee with chicory.
2-nd breakfast: grapefruit.
Lunch: cooked steamed cod with a garnish of boiled potatoes and sour sauce, avocado salad with chopped herbs, vegetable juice.
Snack: bread with cheese, tea with honey.
Dinner: liver stewed with onion and garlic, tomato salad with lettuce leaf and olive maslim.
Before bedtime: warm milk.

Day 6

1-and breakfast: meagrely muesli with yogurt, tea, rolls with jam.
2-nd breakfast: compote of dried fruits.
Lunch: cabbage cutlets with potato puree and green onions, with bryndza sandwiches and dill, orange juice.
Snack: assorted fruit (kiwi, pineapple, pear).
Dinner: stewed chicken in sour cream garnish with a kohlrabi, sanded shredded cheese, mint tea.
Before bedtime: kefir.

7 day

1-and breakfast: fresh orange juice, toast with raspberry jam.
2-nd breakfast: fruit cocktail (pieces of orange, apple, pears in yoghurt).
Lunch: fish, baked with cheese and herbs, garnishes of fresh cabbage and beets, berries with cream cheese, apple juice.
Snack: grapefruit.
Dinner: pasta with pine nuts basil leaves, vegetable juice.
Before bedtime: yoghurt.

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