Paradise lives

This diet is very tasty, it would help cope with the exhaustion, clearing the organism from the accumulated slag. If you decide to treat yourself salad of fruit and berries, can safely apply this diet.

1 day

Breakfast: half melons, half yoghurt packaging.
Lunch: salad slices of kiwi, oranges and strawberries, variable from 1 yoghurt packaging.
Dinner: grapefruit halves, 170 g Lenten chicken, vegetable salad with lemon juice; dessert - 2 plum.

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 cup berries, variable with 1 / 4 cup of cereal.
Lunch: a few slices pineapple.
Dinner: 1 orange; 170 g sliced turkey breast with lettuce leaves; dessert - 2 peach.

Day 3

Breakfast: some watermelon slices, 1 cup meagrely vanilla yogurt.
Lunch: puree the flesh of 1 banana and 1 cup strawberries with apple juice.
Dinner: 170 g of fish (flounder, halibut) with the lemon juice, a cup of Brussels sprouts, dessert - 1 cup cold yoghurt with any berries.

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