Diet for rejuvenation

Still, as the same is not only not able Aging, but also to become young? How to do it?

To avoid Aging, must:

eat little, eat more fish, drink more water, play sports, as many as you can walk, breathe fresh air, sleep as much as you want, to travel and love life.

What has to be done:

eat a lot, drink alcohol, smoke a lot, all the time to sit at home, watch TV for hours, made a grim thought, whine for others, swearing at young, fear the new, and nice ladies - wear the dark dresses and love ultrahigh heel.

In addition, we offer a simple in the present circumstances rejuvenating diet.

Rub fresh carrots, add honey, lemon juice and any fruit (the number depends on your desire, taste and opportunities).

Morning, in lunch, and during the evening of 3 - days eat only a puree.

On the fourth day in the diet include bread, potatoes - all in small quantities.

On the fifth day, it is time for you to the usual food, but do not forget to restrict animal fat and meat.

Remember that in the future, should eat less salt and sugar, restrict products containing starch and cholesterol, eat as much as possible products rich cellular tissue (fruits and vegetables).

After a while rejuvenating diet can be repeated.

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