Skin Diet

So, how do you able to not only age but also yourself? How to do it?
To older must: 

There are few, there are more fish, drink more water sports, as much as possible to walk, breathe fresh air, sleep as much as to become a drunkard, travel and love life.
What no means do: 

Use alcohol, a lot of smoke, sitting all the time at home, watching hours of television, made grim thoughts, the others French, told the young, fear the new, save feelings, and the pretty ladies-put on dark shades dresses and walk to heel rays. 

In addition offer simple enough in the current climate skin diet:
Grind fresh carrots, add honey, lemon juice and any fruit (the number depends on your willingness and ability taste). 

Morning, lunch time and evening during the 3 days is only good puree. 

On the fourth day included in the diet bread, potatoes - all in moderation. 

A 5-days can pass on to your normal food, but remember to limit consumption of animal fat and meat. 
Remember that in the future there should be less salt and sugar, limit foods containing cholesterol and starch, is as much food rich in fibre (mainly fruits and vegetables), preferred fats and vegetable proteins. 

A short time later, skin diet can be repeated.

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