Diet against depression

You know that your mood depends largely on what you watch? This diet is recommended for stabilizing the emotional background.

   In diet includes foods that promote pleasure hormone (serotonin), containing vitamins B and Group E, anti depressive substances (folic acid, selenium, triptophan). Diet is for a period of three to seven days.
Suggested products: 

    chicken, turkey, liver BEEF;

    the fish (tuna, trout, Mackerel, sardines), seafood;


    fresh milk and Acidified foods


    Vegetables (carrot, sweet pepper, green onion, tomatoes, peas, potatoes, asparagus, courgettes);

    Fruit (banana, citrus, kiwifruit), and berries (black currant, Cranberry, grapes);

    pulses (beans, lentils);

    peeling wheat, nuts;

    spices (rosemary, Tarragon, basil, Reagan);

    dark chocolate;

    tincture herbs (John, doctor, Gül).
Prohibited products: 

    alcoholic beverages, bread, carbonated beverages, any food with fat.
Sample menu for the day 

First Breakfast: egg yolk, small loaf with hard cheese and parsley leaflet, sweet tea and chocolate (30 grams).

Second Breakfast: fruit salad with mandarin and kiwi fruit yoghurt, duck mashed fruit.

Lunch: turkey, PAGANSIJA with vegetables, salad tomatoes and cucumbers with cheese and olive oil, bananas with whipped cream.

Lunch: Mint tea (one glass) of the jam with a black bouquet.

Dinner: trout, served with cheese, bean salad and asparagus hot chocolate. Or favorite piece of cake, pie.

At night: tincture John (1 glass). 

And most importantly, more often Smile and try to get pleasure from the smallest pleasant trifles in the life and then depression as a handy withdraw.

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