Diet for Snow White

There is a way "to bleach" itself "from the inside", say dieticians. 

To prevent "freckles" when spring comes sure that in your daily diet necessarily attended vitamins C and RR (ascorbic acid and nicotine acid). 

Vitamin C - excellent tool when bleacher GP and pigmented spots and nicotine acid has the ability to undercut the skin sensitivity to solar rays. 

Eat foods that are high in ascorbic acid: porridges cabbage, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, apples, fennel, green onions, insist Blackberry, cranberry jelly mors, currant tea. 

Try every day to drink 0.5 cups fresh and slightly sweet cabbage juice. 

Another option for those who do not want to constantly knocking cabbage juice - purely on an empty stomach in the morning and evening during dinner 2-3 tbsp Sauerkraut or drink brine. Prevent the appearance of freckles and dairy products are alternated with the same cabbage. Morning drink a glass of juice acidic cabbage, and at night - 1 cup of milk or kefir. 

 But if this seems too low, you can pass the course of "anti freckles" vitamin. At 2-3 weeks to take vitamin C tablets (for 1-1,5 g three times a day before meals) and vitamin RR (at 0.01 g three times a day after meals). After each "approach" make a one-week break. 2-3 rate of such "shock" vitamin - and farewell, little red bestii! 

 NOTE: Nicotine and ascorbic acid increases the blood coagulability, so they should not get involved.

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