How to prolong youth

     Here are several advices, following which you will know how to prolong youth and to preserve freshness, beauty and sexiness.


-  Menu must correspond to your age. The first wrinkles will appear later, if thirty-year women will regularly eat liver and nuts. People after forty years must take Beta-karotin. After 50 years calcium holds bones, and magnesium - heart. Men after forty years need selenium, which is contained in cheese and kidneys, and also in seafood. Selenium contributes to the elimination of stress. After fifty, eating fish, we will protect heart and blood vessels.


-  Attempt to find a suitable work! Work contributes to youthful appearance, Frenchmen assert.  The one who does not work, appears five years older.


-  Find match for yourself!  Love and tenderness are the best means against the aging. Having sex twice the week, man appears fourteen years younger. During the coitus hormone endorphin is manufactured in organism, which is otherwise called the hormone of happiness.  It contributes to strengthening of immune system


-  Develop your individuality, let you will have own point of view. Man, who lives intelligently,  considerably more rarely falls into depression, than one who passively drifts.


-  Move!  Even eight minutes of exercises a day prolong your life.  During  the process of motion growth hormones become available, production of which is reduced after thirty years.


-  Sleep in a cool room!  It is proved:  who sleep at a temperature 17 - 18 degrees, one  longer remains young. Reason consists in the fact that metabolism and manifestation of age-related changes in the organism also depend on ambient temperature.


-  From time to time spoil yourself! Sometimes contrary to any recommendations concerning healthy life-style allow titbit for yourself. And if new dress or bag was pleased you, do not think immediately about the saving.


-  One ought not to suppress anger constantly! The one who constantly nags only oneself, instead of describing about the reasons of oneself disappointment, and sometimes even to have a short argument, to exchange opinions with people around one, is more subjected to any illnesses, including malignant tumors.


-  Train your intellect! From time to time guess crosswords, play at collective games, which require cognitive activity, learn foreign languages. Do mental arithmetic, without calculator. Forcing the brain to work, we slow down the process of degradation of mental capacity dependent on age;  we simultaneously activate the work of heart, circulatory system and metabolism. 




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