Standards of female beauty

     There are 3 types of  builds:  asthenic, normosthenic and hypersthenic. 

     Asthenic type  ?  thin- bony type of build.  Here longitudinal sizes predominate over transverse ones. Hands and legs are long, neck is swan, muscles are developed sufficiently weakly.  Representatives of this type are energetic, mobile, they can eat everything, and, for all that they don?t grow stout, since they expend energy more rapidly than accumulate it. 

     Normosthenic type ?  proportional type of build.  The correct ratios of body sizes make the figures of representatives of this type of build spectacular and very beautiful.  

     Hypersthenic type -  big-boned type of build.  Transverse sizes predominate over longitudinal ones.  The bones are heavy, shoulders, chest and hips are wide. Representatives of this type of build, as a rule, are inclined to the plumpness.    

     If you have difficulty in determining your type of build, measure the wrist circumference of your  working hand.  If the length of circumference is equal to 16-18,5 cm, it means you have normal build.  If this value is less than 16 cm, then you is asthenic, and if it is longer than 18,5 cm - hypersthenic.  

     Now about your height.  If your height is equal to 150 cm and less, it means you is undersized.                             

                                        151-156 cm - height lower than average.

                                        Medium height - 157-167 cm.

                                        Tall height - 168-175 cm.

                                        Above 175 cm - you is very tall.

     Vital practice shows that height - not main thing.  The main thing - your weight and proportions.  To decrease or to increase your height is impossible. But "to fudge" your figure to make it agree with the existing height is completely possible, there would be desire and perseverance. 


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