You and your appetite

     If you are hungry and understand, that as soon as you will sit down at the table, you will eat much more than it is required for your organism, try to use the following means: 

* Pressure point massage. Push the point between upper lip and nose by long finger for several minutes.

* Breather. Legs are on the width of arms, hands are stretched out up. You make 10 very deep inhalations and expirations.  It is better to do this exercise before the open window.

* Clean teeth or rinse your mouth with antiseptic for oral cavity, it reduces gustatory sensitivity.   

      When we finally sit down at the table after difficult working day, we relax and frequently we take no notice at the conversations or our own thoughts of that we already have been full up. What is it possible to make in order to avoid this? 

* Remember that a feeling of satiation comes approximately 15 - 20 minutes AFTER food.  Eat slowly, thoroughly masticating food, not less than 30 minutes.

* You will learn to relate to the food respectfully, to value qualitative products, to know much about wines, cheeses, generally about cookery.  All works of culinary skill require thoughtful and reverent  digestion, but not gluttony.

* Without fail observe table etiquette.  Food with knife and fork from likable side plate together with thorough mastication satiates better than rapid ingestion directly from the frying pan.  Especially as to give oneself up to gluttony in civilized situation somehow is awkwardly.

* Take strong drinks as seldom as possible, until you form new food habits. After the taking of strong drinks you can too strongly " be weakened " and overeat, without desiring that. If you cannot reject the drinks completely, then allow yourselves a little, but with very light snack. Dry wines are encouraged, they are actually useful for digestion and metabolism, but remember that their quantity will not pass into the quality.

* Try not to eat standing, in motion, out of doors. So actually it is possible to eat more than it is necessary.

* If you is believer, keep the specified fasts, attempt not simply to reject the specific collection of products, but pay attention to spiritual component of fast. 

* Try to pass from three meals a day to five. Break your usual quantity of food into the larger number of food intakes.

     Try to use simple folk remedies for reduction of appetite. 

* Boil a bunch of parsley in 0,5 l of water. It is considered that half a glass of broth repulses appetite for two hours.  Store this useful beverage in refrigerator.

* Half a kilogram of figs fill up with three liters of water and boil, until liquid is evaporated to 2,5 l.  Drink per 100 ml before the food.

* For oral rinsing with mint broth it is necessary to take a bunch of mint or a table spoon of dry grass per a glass of water.  It is possible to purchase finished one - it is sold in some drugstores.

* For preparation of garlic infusion grind three lobules of garlic and fill up them with a glass of boiled water of room temperature. Let it draw for not less than twenty-four hours, take per one table spoon before the sleep. 


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