How can I stop weight gain

You can barely fit in your favorite pair of trousers, which used easily clothing? This situation is familiar to many women. Most people over thirty years quietly, not steadily gaining extra weight-arrow weights increasingly bend to the right side, and here you have won a dozen kilos, not even noticed this! Do not despair. Experts believe: a slight change habits and lifestyles, and you not only stop weight gain, but shed a few extra kilos!
First of all, there are several main reasons for adding weight.
First, in our age of the body is changing. These irreversible changes need to learn and be in their favour. With each decade, our body works are slower and slower metabolism. And that's not all. Under the act is gradually changing and aging of the body, muscle mass decreases, and it took the fat.
Secondly, in adulthood, most people neglected sports and lead sedentary lifestyles and eating while, as in youth. The combination of aging with sedentary lifestyle and a healthy appetite is the main cause of gradual but steady additions in weight.
Boost muscle mass to gain weight
One of the most effective ways to stop the process, adding weight to speed up metabolism by increasing muscle mass. Experts recommend that to this end several times a week to force exercises to maintain and increase muscle mass.
Also recommended bimonthly training program changed to used to the exercise and relax.
Here are just a few reasons for adding weight:

* Neglect of fitness classes
* Eating snacks front of the TV after dinner
* Abuse of alcohol, coffee or sweet drinks
* Skipping breakfast
* Irregular food
* Additions and too large portion
* Consumption of large amounts of simple carbohydrates (which are sugar and white bread) and under-protein.
What we are older, so staratelnee we must monitor their health and body weight. Define own problem and find the factors to regulate calorie intake. Do not fear, if you like sweet-included in the diet a few sweets.
Healthy food is not strictly diet, and much less than starvation. Quite simply keep track of what you put in the mouth and on the plate.
For example, if your diet of simple carbohydrates, you are in a vicious circle: the more you absorb, the more appetite. This paradox is explained by the fact that not saturate simple carbohydrates such as protein and fiber. Backs chips, sandwich cookies and all those calories accumulate in the body in which they have no place.
Experts recommend eat regularly, reduce the size of portions and combine kaloriynye products with products with a low fat. And never skip breakfast.

Nevertheless, to stop weight gain, no need to make sacrifices and starve themselves hunger. Just a little change habits and lifestyles. In particular, there will be more than 2000 steps to do more every day, three times a week to exercise power and to reduce daily calorie intake by 100 units.

Here are some simple ways to reduce daily calorie intake:

* Eat two biscuits less.
* Utolyayte thirst not sweet carbonated drinks and mineral water or dietetic beverages.
* Try to always keep a few pieces at a plate of food.
* mayonnaise and cheese to replace the pork sandwich, lettuce and tomato.
* Replace whole milk skimmed.
* Use half of the normal portion of sauce or filling, fatty refuel substitute olive oil fuel (a mixture of vinegar, olive oil and spices oils).
* Use pre-coated with antiprigarnym thus avoiding zhareniya of cheese, sunflower oil and margarine.
* Instead of cheese for cooking meals, use skimmed yoghurt or yoghurt, low-fat.
* Do not eat from the package or common dishes, always place food on the plate.
* Instead of sweetened fruit juice drink 100% fresh juices.
* Instead of cold fruit drinks or choose light beer or wine.
* Eat soup is not a deep dish, and a cup.
* When to large batches.
* When on suharikov in salads.
* Restaurant book useful for health snacks and salads, rather than the main dish.
* Replace fat milk sauce for spaghetti fed vegetable sauce.
* Do not refill cooked vegetables for a couple of melted butter. Replace his lemon.
* Limit meat portion 100-120 grams (about the size of a card deck).

If you really want to lose, to begin reducing calorie intake to 500 units per day and wait sport. This will help you shed about 2 kilograms per week. Remember that two kilograms of fat-free muscle mass and weight of the water is 3,500 calories.

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