Three most terrible female problems

      Possibly, you have more problems, but these three - most widespread.  

     My stomach inflated

     Quite recently you had ideally flat paunch, you were so proud of it, but now something flabby, distended and awkward is observed at its place. Do not hurry to faint away and to learn prices of plastic operation. Most likely, there is too much of liquid in your organism. There are several remarkable prescriptions, which help to get rid of such horror, as inflating stomach.

     Prescription 1

     Take half a glass of  washed millet, fill it with a glass of boiled water of room temperature. Mix this mixture during 15 minutes, until water acquires milk color.  Drink this miraculous liquid.  Make this procedure two times a day and soon you will forget about inflating stomach.  By the way, in addition, this is an excellent means for the weight loss.  

     Prescription 2  

     Take 2 table spoons of dill seeds, fill them  with 1 glass of boiling water.  After 10 minutes pass the obtained infusion through a sieve and drink before the sleep.

     Prescription 3 

     Go on a special quick diet. 

     For breakfast eat oatmeal porridge, boiled with water, wash down with mineral water. In the afternoon eat apple, ripe banana and large bunch of grapes, drink herbal  tea with lemon.

     In in the evening eat a little fennel. This is a good means in the fight against meteorism. 

     Before the sleep - half a plate of muesli and drink infusion from the mint.  

     I have cellulitis

    Cellulitis, this hateful "orange peel ", really can spoil your life. And if the society with high aesthetic ideals, surrounding you, can forgive you two or three excess kilograms, then flabby protuberances on your bottom and thighs ? hardly. Moreover, cellulitis is so vile thing, to get rid of which is very and very difficult.  It is necessary to fight complexly with it:  correct nourishment, sport, anti-cellulitis creams and massages.  If you lose sight of one or more components, then do not await results. A kind of special diet against cellulitis does not exist and, certainly, during the week  you will not be able to remove "orange peel ". This is prolonged process, but some persistent and patient girls get rid of cellulitis for a long time. You should reconstruct your nourishment and style of life.  Here is the approximate enumeration of the products, which you can include (and, respectively exclude) from entire ration in order to overcome cellulitis:   

-          eat low-fat fish and poultry instead of the meat,

-          consume as much as possible the fresh, unprocessed vegetables and fruits,

-          every morning eat oat or wheaten pap,

-          cook without salt and sour cream sauces,

-          do not use prepared food,

-          exclude greasy meat, coffee, tea, sugar, alcohol,

-          use milk and dairy products in small quantities,

-          drink green herbal tea,

-          forget about the paste, the sausage, the smoked foods and the salted foods,

-          pastry, cakes, sweet baking are under the ban,

-          do not smoke.    

My breast has grown flabby

     Unfortunately, such occurs, when you sharply lose weigh. Your unreasonable approach to the weight loss is guilty in this:  you want to lose as much as possible kilograms in the shortest space of time.  As a result first of all the breast grows thin, since it practically entire consists of fatty cells.  If you have breast of decent third size, then, after sharp weight loss you have all chances to obtain the sad " ears of spaniel " instead of elegant bust.

     Therefore, beginning diet, you should also begin to go in for sport. Prolonged starvation here won't do: to go in for sport  is dangerous with such meals. after several days of starvation you will not be able to work out with weights or to take a run. It is better to combine the moderate diet with intensive exercises, then your breast does not become flabby, and even it will become toned up.  Thus, for maintaining (or reduction) a good form of your breast it is necessary:

  - to train the upper part of pectoral muscles with the aid of dumbbells or gym apparatus (under the the direction of experienced trainer),

  - to massage breast, using lifting creams,

  - without fail include eggs, fruits, beef, vegetables, domestic cheese, yoghurts, fish, boiled hen, skim milk in your ration. 




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