Diet for Heart Disease

This diet is used in diseases of the cardiovascular system, are under partial and insufficient blood circulation.
Purpose: To improve blood circulation, of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, normalize metabolism. 
In this diet moderately limited quantity of sodium and fluid consumption is very limited content substances incident cardiovascular and nervous system, internal organs.
Increased consumption of potassium, magnesium. Meat and fish otvarivayut. Exclusive difficult perevarivaemye dishes. Food prepared without salt or with a small number of her.
Nutritional Treatment 4-5 times a day equal portions.
Suggested and exclude products and foods
Bread and flour products. Bread wheat flour from the 1 st and 2 nd grades yesterday baking or slightly dried, bessolevoy diet bread. Not shaped cookies and Sponge cookies.

Excluding fresh bread, products and juices sdobnogo dough, pancakes, baked.

Soups 250-400 g per reception. Vegetarian with different cereals, potatoes, vegetables (better grind), dairy, fruit, cold computers. Soups sdabrivayut juice, citric acid, green.

Soups excluded from pulses, meat, fish, mushrooms soups.

Meat. No class fatty beef, Veal, pork meat, rabbit, chicken, turkey. After stripping of meat otvarivayut tendons, and then baking or stir. Meals minced or lumps of boiled meat filler of boiled meat. Limited: "Doctorate" and "Dieticheskaya" sausage.

Exclusive class fatty meat, Goose, duck, liver, kidneys, brains, meats, sausages, meat preserves.

Fish. Do not fatty and moderately fatty types, or boiled and then processing, and minced piece. Dishes from the facts is not sea fish products.

Exclusive fatty fish, salted, smoked, preserves.

Dairy products. Milk (for portability), Acidified drinks, curd and dishes out with cereals, carrots, fruit. Limited: smetana and cream (only dishes), cheese.

Exclusive salted and fatty cheeses.

Cereal. Dishes from different cereal, cooked in water or milk (mashed, baked puddings, etc.). Boiled pasta.

Exclusive pulses.

Vegetables. The potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, beets, courgettes, pumpkins, tomatoes, salad, cucumber. In boiled, roasted, less raw. White cabbage and green goroshek-limited, green onion, dill, parsley add to dishes.

Exclusive salted, marinated, kvagennye vegetables, spinach, creeping. Cake, Radishes, Onions, mushrooms.

Snacks. Fresh vegetable salad (Grated carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers), Norfa, with vegetable oils, vegetable caviar, fruit salads with seafood. Boiled Fish, filler.

Exclusive acute, and fatty salted snacks, meats, caviar.

Fruits, sweet foods, sweets. Soft, ripe fruits and berries fresh, dried fruit, compotes, Kisely, mousses, sambuki, jelly, milk Kisely and creams, honey, jam, chocolate candy, chocolate is limited.

Excluding fruit with coarse fibre.

Sauces and spices. At boiled vegetables, smetannye, milk, tomato, onion and bacon from vyvarennogo onions, fruit sauce. Laurel sheet, vanillin, Cinnamon, citric acid.

Exclusive sauces for meat, fish and boiled mushroom, celery, pepper, acute Ketchup.

Drinks. Not strong tea, cocoa, coffee natural, drink coffee with milk, fruit and vegetable juices, teas hip, limited-wine juice.

Fat. Not salted butter and ghee oil, no salt soft margarine, vegetable oil in kind.

Excluding meat and cooking fats.
Sample menu diet
First Breakfast: egg yolk, rice porridge with milk and tea.

Second Breakfast: apple, cookies with sugar.

Lunch: barley soup with vegetables to vegetable oil (1 / 2 portion 200-250 g), meat boiled with carrot puree, compote of dried fruits.

Lunch: boiled fruits.

Dinner: cheese pudding, boiled fish with boiled potatoes and tea.

At night: Acidified kefir or other beverages.

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