Diet after the carry hepatitis

Acute hepatitis may have an infectious or MEPhI allergic origin. Because of liver damage cells significantly change its function and metabolism. 
Therapeutic food provides improved liver function, normalize metabolism, stimulates recovery processes. 
Food should be rich in proteins (100-110 g) and Cé substance (choline, methionine).
Preference is given to better plant oils (sunflower, cornmeal, olive, etc.), since they are unsaturated fatty acids. Of animal fats allowed butter oil, and other fats should be sharply curtailed. 
Diet enriched readily absorbed carbohydrates (sugar, honey, jam, etc.). It is equally important to take vitamins (retinol, vitamins B group) or eat foods containing them. Vitamins help restore the functions of the liver. 
Number of fluid is not restricted. Recommended drink fruit, berry and vegetable juices, compotes, Kisely, poor sweet tea with jam or honey, boiled fruits.
Prohibited: alcohol, chocolate, cocoa, sdobnoe dough, creeping, spinach, fatty meat and fish, meat and fish soups, mushrooms sensitivity, fatty cream, fried foods, meats, preserves, marinades, salting, acute food and spices (vinegar, Mustard , onions, garlic), ice cream and other cold foods and drinks. 

To eat 5-6 times a day. This will increase the allocation of export, prevents stagnation in the liver ailments.
Sample menu with a serious illness
Breakfast: potato protein steam, Boron mashed rice milk, tea with milk, bread with butter.

Lunch: barley soup with vegetables vegetarian proterty, buds meat to steam milk sauce, potato puree with vegetable oil, Kisel of fruit juice.

Lunch: apples.

Dinner: Soufflé black steam, tea, bread with butter.

Before sleep: Kisel of fruit juice. 

Throughout the day, rules: Rye bread-200 g butter 60 g butter, sugar-25 g
In protracted process of the disease and in severe cases it is desirable for every 7-10 days to discharge days (sugar, cheese, rice). This allows the discharge of liver function, helps remove slag from the body and improves the overall feeling.
After feeling better, you can go to the less friendly diet.
Sample menu 

Breakfast: Soufflé cheese, roasted in smetana, rice porridge with milk, tea with milk, bread with butter.

Lunch: soup milk, cabbage, boiled meat stuffed with oil, gel from apple juice, Rye bread.

Lunch: tea, bread with butter.

Dinner: Boron rice, tea, bread with butter.

At night: a glass of kefir. 

Throughout the day rule: bread wheat soul-200 g bread Rye soul-200 g butter 80 g butter, sugar-25 g

In the slow recovery of the liver, this diet must be followed for 4-6 months.

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