General principles of food after removal of the gallbladder

After removal of the gallbladder, the nutrition and diet plays a very important role in  patient's life, since it is necessary to avoid stagnation of bile in the liver.
Nutrition should be a fraction and frequent (approximately 5-6 times a day). There must be slowly and you must  chew each bite well.

That can be consumed after removal of the gallbladder:

- The first dishes: vegetable soup,  or cooked in fish broth,
- Recommended lean meats, fish, steamed or boiled, steamed with vegetables,
- Beef liver, chicken liver in a stew, liver pate (but be sure to keep an eye at the same time the reaction of the organism)
- Yogurt, low-fat milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, butter (in small amounts)
- Better to eat eggs as omelets, steamed,
- You can eat a variety of cereals,
- Allowed to eat vegetables, sweet fruits and berries, watermelon, pumpkin,
- Salads, main dishes can be refilled with vegetable oils (no purified)
- Better to eat bread slightly stale,
- You can drink max 2 l fluids in day, including first dishes (jelly, fruit drinks, broth hips, tomato juice, decoctions of dried apricots, prunes).

Limit in the diet after gallbladder removal:

sausages; meats; fatty meats, poultry, fish; chocolate and bakery products; mustard; horseradish; onion; garlic; pepper; spicy seasonings.

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