Diet increasing protective force organism

Purpose: To improve the nutritional status of the body, food normalize its status, improve the body's protective force, including immune status, enhanced recovery processes in the affected organ. 

General characteristics: high nutrient diet Most of the increase in protein, vitamins, minerals (calcium, iron, etc.), a moderate increase in the quality of fats and carbohydrates.
Treatment nutrition: 5-6 times a day
Suggested products and foods:
  • Bread and flour products. Rye Bread wheat and flour from different milling-thin and ill; Various flour products: cakes, biscuits, cookies, flour, etc.
  • Soups any.
  • Meat, poultry, fish. Different kinds of meat, poultry, fish, except for the very fatty, in any cooking; Liver, meat (sausage, ham, sausages), fish products (herring, Balyk, caviar, preserves, abundant, sardines, etc.); Fish seafood.
  • Dairy products in the full range of possible inclusion and curd cheese.
  • Eggs in various cooking.
  • Fat. Melted, vegetable oils, soft margarine (filler), in-kind, ghee for cooking meals, soap.
  • Cereal variety, but especially Boron and rice, pasta. Legumes, as well razvarennye puree.
  • Vegetables, fruits, berries in any cooking, but part necessarily raw.
  • Snacks different, especially deciduous and vegetable salads.
  • Sweet foods, sweets. Permissible various sweet foods and products, honey.
  • Sauces: meat, red, mushroom, soup, milk and Egg etc.
  • Spices and spices in a moderate quantity, but in a broad range, as well as horseradish, Mustard, Ketchup and others.
  • Drinks. Tea, coffee and natural black with milk, cocoa, fruit juices, berries and vegetables (preferably juices), boiled fruits.
Prohibited food:
a class of fatty meat and poultry, sheep, beef and cooking fats, solid margarine, and acute fatty sauces, cakes and streusel cake with lots of cream.
Sample menu
   The first breakfast: fresh cabbage salad with apples with onions, grated potato with cheese, rice porridge with milk and tea. 

   Second Breakfast: sandwich with cheese, tomato juice. 

   Lunch: beef broth to the victim with cheese, roast chicken with boiled rice compote. 

   Lunch: biscuits, fruit juice or boiled fruits. 

   Dinner: zrazy meat, eggs and stuffed onion, carrot puree, CRAB Buckwheat cereals with curd, tea. 

   At night: Acidified kefir or other beverages.

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