Stairs and coherent figure

Increase energy using fitness, dance, massage. But if you play sports from time to time, the results will not. Infrequent and Non classes only increase your appetite.
    Effectively slimming is walking on the stairs. It is not worth the money, you just will not use the elevator and walk down stairs Up for half or more. Only then is perceived rafting weight. And in the eyes of neighbors for a couple of stair training you can lose 500-700 to the city
    Estimated cost of energy recovery with a 60-70 steps per minute is 0.14 kcal to 1 kg. Energy downhill on the ladder with slightly lower.
    Start training with 10-15 minutes and bring up to 30-40 minutes. And so 3-4 times a week, several times a day. (For example, several times per night get to the shop ...)

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